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Bandage After Rhinoplasty and Nasal Silicone Splints

bandage after rhinoplasty - thermoplastic external splint - rhinoplasty in istanbul
bandage after rhinoplasty - thermoplastic external splint - rhinoplasty in istanbul

After the rhinoplasty operation, various bandage and external splint applications are performed to prevent bleeding and edema, and stabilize the bone lamellae and septum. Modern materials used today are both hypoallergenic and products that allow air transfer to the skin at the same time.

Thermoplastic external splint

These products, are used for the bandaging after the nasal aesthetic operations. Firstly softened with hot water and glued to the bandage on the nose; then cooled with cold water and stabilized to a firm hardness. Allows the air transmission to nose  skin. Removal is easy. The risk of allergic reaction is low. The shape does not change after the cold (I glued the evil eye bead also on it :)).

Internal nasal splints (silicone and fluoroplastic)

These materials, unlike conventional nasal tampons, have holes that allow the patient to breathe. They're easy to remove. Not suitable for bacterial reprocessing. It is best to stay in the nose for 5-10 days.

 Nasal Splint Removal Video:

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