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Benefits of Ear Drum Surgeries

Benefits of ear drum surgeries, ear drum repair istanbul, ear drum repair Turkey,
Benefits of ear drum surgeries, ear drum repair istanbul, ear drum repair Turkey,

Ear drum hole repair surgeries sometimes performed with middle ear ossicles repair surgeries.

What are the tasks of the ear drum?

Hearing-related tasks:

The eardrum is a vibration of sound waves hit the surface. This vibration provides a progressive energy transfer to the inner ear by the large surface area and the effect of the middle ear bones leaching.

Barrier task:

The ear drum is a barrier between the middle ear and the outer ear. In the case of perforation in the eardrum, billions of bacteria in a drop of water that can touch the outer ear can easily reach the middle ear, and from there they are in close proximity, such as facial nerve, neck veins and brain. For this reason, patients with holes in the eardrum need to protect their ears from water contact.

Benefits of ear drum repair:

After repair of the ear drum, the hearing level is raised (may be to normal levels!) and patient is protected against possible infection risks and complications,

Eardrum hole repairing surgery videos

Endoscopic Eardrum Repair Surgery:

Myringoplasty surgery animation (ear drum repair animation):

You can find details about "ear drum repair, ear drum rupture, Myringoplasty Istanbul, tympanic membrane repair, Tympanoplasty Istanbul" and before and after photos at >> Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of Ear Drum Hole / Eardrum Surgery - Classical and Endoscopic Techniques

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