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Cost Of Revision Rhinoplasty In Istanbul

Cost Of Revision Rhinoplasty In Istanbul, Cost Of Revision Rhinoplasty In Turkey,

Revision rhinoplasty surgery is often more difficult than primary rhinoplasty. More time, more effort and materials may be required. Average price for revision nose cosmetic surgery is between 3500 - 4500 US Dollars (one day staying in hospital, all tests, all instruments, all doctor fees are included in this price).

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure in which all the details can be understood during surgery in the form of opening a surprise box. The following grafts may be needed during the operation, which may result in additional processing costs, and the total operation cost may increase.: 

- cartilage graft removal from auricle cartilage
- the removal of cartilage graft from the patient's own rib
- use of irradiated cadaveric rib cartilage
- the patient's own temporal novelization of the fascia

In these additional graft applications, the total processing fee may increase by an additional $ 1100 - $ 1500.
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