Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Earwax Removal

The earwax or cerumen can be stuck in the outer ear canal and it causing clogging. This situation is called as impacted cerumen. The video also shows the aspiration of fur in the external auditory canal in office conditions.

Earwax - Impacted Cerumen

Earwax - Impacted Cerumen

Earwax - Impacted Cerumen

In the photo above, it is seen that the outer ear canal is completely closed (blocked) by the wax. With the use of a repeating cotton swab, it is seen that the earwax is squeezed inwards, covering the eardrum and completely covers the outer ear canal. This condition is called impacted cerumen (earwax buildup - earwax blockage).

You can find details about "Earwax removal - Impacted cerumen - Cerumen impaction - Cerumen impaction removal - Aspiration of earwax - Aspiration of impacted cerumen" at >> Cerumen (Earwax) - Definition, Structure, Benefits, Natural Cleaning

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