Sunday, January 1, 2017

Human Papillomavirus Infection Animation

The above video discloses the reasons for the spread and presence of Human Papillomavirus. HPV virus is also found in etiology in both head and neck cancer. It has been understood in recent years that it can be easily transmitted by mucosal contact. In the past, this viral was thought to be sexually transmitted only. A virus that spreads among young people over the last years and gradually becomes fat. The well-behaved subgroup viruses cause warts; carcinogenic viruses can cause cancer of the head and neck region, uterus, anal region.

A protective 9-valent vaccine has been developed (Gardasil 9).

You can find details about "AAAA" at >> Kulak, Burun, Boğaz Bölgesi HPV Enfeksiyonu Sıklığı ... / HPV Aşısı Erkeklere ve Bayanlara Yapılmalı / İnsan Papilloma Visürü (HPV), Korunma Yolları, Ağızda Viral Papillom ve Tedavisi

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