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Is "Laser Rhinoplasty" Possible?

Laser-assisted nose reshaping, Laser nose correction, Laser rhinoplasty, Nasal bone remodeling with laser, Rhinoplasty with laser, Nose job with laser, Laser nose job,
Laser-assisted nose reshaping, Laser nose correction, Laser rhinoplasty, Nasal bone remodeling with laser, Rhinoplasty with laser, Nose job with laser, Laser nose job

When it comes to "laser", maybe a lot of people might come up with the following:• best tissue reduction method• the most painless process• the most bloodless procedure• best practice• the most successful and advanced process ...In fact instead of the word "laser" expressed to me in the mail and the questions that come to me, what a magnificent and superior sound I really come to ...

Many different areas are used to categorize laser applications.

For example, it is a bloodless and knife-free application in tonsillectomy and snoring, but new methods have been developed (such as a thermal welding device) that cause less mucosal injury and have advantages over the laser.

Areas of laser use in nose operations:• Laser turbinate reduction surgery• Laser surgery for cartilage curvature• Laser nose skin thinning• Treatment of vascular surfaces causing hemorrhage on mucosal areas• Treatment of vascular areas in the nose skin• Smoothness of the laser nose skin

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Rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Nose job in Istanbul
Rhinoplasty animation, Nose job animation
Actually, there are some possible and really successful applications that I wrote above. It is not possible that the nose bone is exactly shaped by laser. It may be possible to make the areas on the small nasal bone somewhat smoother, but the laser bone removal may be resulted with necrosis or infection.

There are very good laser excision surgeries for the "Torus mandibularis", "Torus palatinus" which are bone growths in the mandible and maxilla in the ear nose throat area in relation to bone tissue.

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