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Septoplasty Risks

Septoplasty Operation - Septoplasty Surgery - Deviated Septum Treatment Istanbul
Septoplasty Operation - Septoplasty Surgery - Deviated Septum Treatment Istanbul

Septoplasty operation or deviated septum surgery is performed for correction of the curvatures on the nasal septum which cause to nasal passage obstruction. Septum deviation is a very common problem and it can cause to nasal blockage, mouth breathing, decreasing of sleep quality and it can negative effects on quality of life.

Septoplasty is a very simple procedure and it can perform with local or general anesthesia.

Many doctors prefer to general anesthesia with steril hospital operation room. Septoplasty operation has some risks and complications which are seen on the below:

• Persistence in previous symptoms which related with nasal blockage
• Excessive nose bleeding
• A change in the nasal shape
• Nasal septal perforation
• Decrease in the sense of smell
• Septal hematoma
• Temporary numb sensation on upper gum or teeth
• Brain fluid (CSF) leak or infection (very rare)

The risk factors listed above are extremely rare.

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