Thursday, March 8, 2018

Genital Esthetic Prices in İstanbul - Turkey

Genital Esthetic Prices

Genital Aesthetic Operations are one of the operations amongst women following breast and nose aesthetics. The required congenital and necessary post-emergence structural abnormalities, either by birth or imperfected by years are corrected by aesthetic surgery.
Except this, abnormal structures like  darkening on inner lips and growth after the laceration, can be corrected by frequent operations.
Genital Esthetic Prices
In older ages, the urine bag and the growth of genital organs or sagging in the wide area can corrected and become more aesthetic. All genital aesthetic operations are performed in a hospital environment, in where general anesthesia is applied. Genital aesthetic price changes depending on the shape. Prices vary between 1000-4000 $. The average hospital stay is 1 day, with 3-4 post-operative controls; controls are not chargeable.
Click here for After Care of Genital Esthetic Surgery.

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