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Choosing A Doctor For Rhinoplasty Operation

What should be considered when choosing a doctor for nose cosmetic surgery?

Choosing a doctor for nose aesthetic surgery

Nose aesthetic surgery is a cosmetic surgery with high expectations. After all, one expects the best aesthetic results in himself. My nose looks great but I can't breathe through it ”. This means a failed plastic surgery. Because it is important to find a surgeon who is competent for both the function and aesthetics of the nose.

It is important to find the surgeon who will be most honest with you about what can be done aesthetically, while performing the nose functions properly. The aesthetic aspect of the surgical procedure may not always give the results that the person wants. It may also cause a serious functional impairment. In some cases, even breathing for the patient can become a nightmare. The visual appearance of the nose after surgery should be in accordance with the age, sex, ethnicity and anatomical structure of the face. In this context, it is really important to find the surgeon who informs the person in the right way and makes the most accurate guidance on how the nose should be.

If you intend to have a rhinoplasty operation in Istanbul ...

Nose aesthetic surgery is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. There are some rules to consider when choosing the right surgeon when making this decision. These are the rules for the surgeon. Therefore, you should investigate your doctor very well for choosing a doctor for nose aesthetic surgery.

In such operations, it is important that the surgeon be successful in both functional and aesthetic surgery. Therefore, all cosmetic surgeons, whether plastic surgeons or otorhinolaryngologists, should have a good education.

Surgeons dealing with nose aesthetics receive significant experience and training to achieve predictable results. This predictability is important. A good surgeon should have a portfolio of photographs showing the pre- and post-operative status of the patients involved in nasal plastic surgery. See the surgeon's portfolio before making a decision. You can have predictions about your postoperative condition.

Healthy communication with your doctor

It is also important to have a healthy communication with your doctor. You should be comfortable and confident in this communication. This way, you will feel more stress-free and ready to operate with someone who understands your goals, expectations and desires.

In order to call it a good specialist, the surgeon must have performed a high number of operations on this subject. This means that it can reach a high level of processing power to meet your expectations. He should have undergone nasal plastic surgery for severeal years (preferably 10 at least 5 years). They must have mastery and experience of special techniques. Must be experienced in advanced nose aesthetic techniques. Persons who have undergone a failed nasal aesthetic surgery should have sufficient experience in revision surgery and graft use from the body.

The surgeon must have the patience to finish the procedure until he is completely satisfied with his work in the operating theater. So the work of the surgeon must first penetrate into it.

As a result, your surgeon should have the knowledge and experience to provide all of the functionality (a breathing nose) and visuality (cosmetic expectation).

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