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The Fineness of Rhinoplasty Operation

The subtleties of nose aesthetic surgery

Fineness of nose reshaping surgery (rhinoplasty)

The nose is an aesthetic and functional organ that affects the facial appearance. Surgical attempts to shape the nose are called nasal aesthetic surgery, that is, medically called rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty, in other words, aesthetic nose surgery, is the major part of aesthetic surgery.

Nose reshaping surgery: Rhinoplasty

The nose can be enlarged, shrinked, the tip of the nose can be narrowed, the back of the nose can be reshaped, the nostrils can be narrowed and expanded, and the angles of the nose and lip can be changed with the nose aesthetic surgery. In cases such as nasal obstruction, septum deviation, concha enlargement, where there is difficulty in breathing through the nose, it is possible to perform nasal aesthetic surgery along with attempts to solve breathing problems. During the nasal aesthetic surgery, curvatures in the inner bone and cartilage structure, which we call deviation as a result of developmental or impact, are also eliminated.

In modern nose surgery, aesthetics and function are inseparable. Therefore, in a successful nose aesthetic surgery, it should be aimed to provide a natural nose appearance compatible with facial features and to make breathing more comfortable. The nose is one of the most aesthetically important organs and also has many tasks. It is the starting point of our respiratory system and serves to smell. It makes our voice special to us. It is one of the doors of the human body to the outside world. All these functions and the aesthetic image interact with each other.

Therefore, the nose should be treated as a whole with the inside and outside. The most common aesthetic surgeries performed in our country are nasal aesthetic surgeries and this is one of the two most frequently performed surgeries. Nose aesthetic surgeries are considered one of the most difficult operations of us plastic surgeons. The difficulty in nasal aesthetic surgeries is that cartilage and bones are healed by different mechanisms, that the healing process of two different structures acting independently of each other proceeds independently and that there is cartilage memory to maintain the existing shapes of cartilages. Since none of these factors is in the hands of the surgeon, their unknown is quite high. Therefore, from time to time it is considered a surgery that may require revision, that is, a second retouching correction operation. It is considered normal to perform revision rhinoplasty in one of every ten patients who have undergone world-class nasal esthetics.

On the other hand, when this operation is performed well, it gives very good results. Successful results make a dramatic impact and make them worse. Recently, along with the great path that has been developed, various methods have been developed that transform the nasal aesthetic procedure into a more subtle and elegant surgery.

Designing the shape before nose aesthetics

The most commuting questions in the minds of anyone who thinks or decides to be the nose aesthetic; what kind of nose will I have? Will I like the shape of the nose after surgery, or will my new nose look good on my face? questions. These are naturally justified concerns. Because the organ that you want to change its shape and entrust to the plastic surgeon is your nose, which is the most central of your face and affects your appearance and character. During the initial examination, the findings of your plastic surgeon and your complaints related to the appearance and breathing function will be brought together to determine some determining points for the type of surgery.

Computer animation before the rhinoplasty animation

The image created by your surgeon on the computer will not be exactly the same shape as your nose after the surgery, it can only give you an approximate idea, if you are undecided about having surgery, we recommend you not to rely on this surgery. If you have already decided to have surgery, it may be helpful to exchange ideas with your doctor on such an image, because you can help your surgeon to know more about your expectations by specifying which areas you like or dislike in the imaginary design to be revealed.

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