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Some Suggestions For Patient's Care After Tonsillectomy Operation

Drugs to be used after tonsillectomy and nutrition

Things To Do After Tonsillectomy Operation

After the tonsillectomy operation, any food and water is not taken orally during the first 4 hours after surgery to pass the effect of anesthetic drugs. Postoperative first-time ice-cream, cold kneading or cold milk dessert ingestion can help reduce the pain in the operation area.

The most important factor that improves recovery after tonsillectomy is the frequent intake of water or watery food from the mouth.

After tonsillectomy, ear pain that starts especially from the 3rd day, increases at night and can continue until the 10th day.

In the first week after surgery, white healing tissues appear in the region where the tonsils are removed. Families can mistaken this situation for inflammation.

Pain may gradually increase in patients refusing oral food and water intake after tonsillectomy. Although intravenous serum supplementation is beneficial, the easiest way to accelerate healing is by oral water.

Tonsillectomy in Istanbul
I recommend that patients who need to recover quickly and who want to start their normal daily work at the earliest period, drink water at frequent intervals, chew gum during the day and consume warm meat broth, chicken broth soup and dairy products with high protein content.

In some foreign sources, it is emphasized that operating cold steam engines at night can reduce throat drying and pain that may occur in the throat area.

Many of the patients who have undergone surgery with thermal welding have stated that the postoperative pain is very low and the post-operative period is shorter than other techniques.

Drugs to be used after tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomy in Istanbul

Routine antibiotic use after tonsillectomy is not recommended. It is highly recommended to use throat spray and mouthwash with antiseptic in children under 6 years of age. Painkillers are routinely recommended in children. Syrups containing paracetamol, which have no effect on bleeding and clotting, are particularly suitable for children. Nasal sprays containing ocean water may be recommended for patients who have undergone nasal surgery. Mouthwash and sprays containing antiseptic and painkillers may be recommended after tonsillectomy in adult patients.

Pain and postoperative healing rate after tonsil surgery is one of the main factors that determine the patient's continuous contact with water or watery food at the surgical site, and no loss of fluid in the body. However, in Thermal Welding Technique, there is less postoperative pain and bleeding risk due to heat damage and tissue damage to muscle tissue outside the tonsils.

Don't forget to drink water!

Don't forget to drink water!

After the tonsillectomy operation, a very effective factor in healing is the patient's drinking water.

Although there are various discussions about the intervals and how much water should be drunk; it is useful to keep the throat area moist and to maintain body water ratio.

After tonsil surgery, in addition to water, juicy foods (soup, non-acidic fruit juices ...) are also useful.

In empty spaces where no water or any aqueous food is consumed, chewing gum may be useful for cleaning the surgical site by increasing saliva production.

I prefer to emphasize the importance of drinking water to my patients, "as your throat aches, for frequent intervals."

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