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Tonsillectomy and Postoperative Patient Care Points

Tonsil Removal Surgery

Tonsil surgery is performed under general anesthesia and the procedure takes approximately 15-20 minutes according to different techniques. With the Thermal Welding method, bleeding and postoperative pain are less during surgery.

Post-Surgery Recovery Period

Since it is performed under general anesthesia, oral nutrition is not performed for the first 4 hours after surgery. Patients generally experience a painful period after tonsil surgery. The recovery period is in two separate periods. The first period is when the pain is more and the second period is when the pain is less. A few practical applications that reduce pain after surgery are cold serum injections, pain relief injection, intravenous dexamethasone and pain medication injection, and cauterization. Generally, I prefer to sew the front and rear plica as seen in the photo on the side for acceleration of healing or stopping bleeding areas. This practice is almost never painful for the first 4 hours after a few applications, and when the anesthetic effect passes and the first meal time begins, eating ice cream first and then continuing with a soft warm diet reduces pain. The less damaged the tissues other than the tonsil during the procedure; the pain that will be felt after the procedure will be less. 

In the photo above, the throat examination photos of a patient who underwent tonsil surgery are seen before and one week after surgery. In the photo taken at week 1, white fibrotic healing tissues seen in the areas of tonsils can be mistakenly perceived as inflammation by families. 

The post-operative photograph also shows two fusible stitch threads in purple.The first painful period is up to 5-7 days after surgery in children, and 7-10 after surgery for those over 12 years old. time periods up to the day. In this first period, healing tissues of white-gray color will occur in the areas with tonsils and pain that can be seen in the ears by swallowing.

Above, in the first month after tonsil surgery on the left, the intraoral view is seen. On the right, the throat photos taken immediately after the operation are seen. Bloodless and knife-free tonsil surgery was performed in both patients by the thermal welding method.

Tonsil removal videos

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Important Points Regarding Post-Surgery Patient Care

The patient's dehydration after tonsil surgery is the worst factor for recovery. It causes increased pain, bleeding and infection risks and delayed recovery. Therefore, the key factor in recovery is increasing the patient's oral food intake. Regular intake of foods, especially hard and not hot (soft and warm), is the most important factor for recovery. It may be beneficial to use painkillers to facilitate oral fluid intake and to reduce the pain by taking foods such as ice cream, cold pudding, cold yogurt from time to time. It may be correct to take painkillers before bed, as night swallowing and fluid intake will decrease. It should be kept in mind that the pain can not be passed only with painkiller tablets, syrups or sprays and the necessity of oral liquid food intake.The throat appearance of the patients, who underwent tonsil surgery with thermal welding method and sutured with stitches that can melt the pelicans in front of and behind the tonsil after surgery, is seen above.5-7% bleeding can be seen after tonsil surgery. There is a risk of bleeding until 10th day, especially since collagen, which has healing tissue on the 10th day, has a time to change. After the 10th day, the risk of bleeding will gradually decrease with the intake of soft warm food.The first 10 days should be taken only soft, juicy foods. Any food that is hard and hot can contact the surgery site and cause bleeding. Nevertheless, acidic foods can be irritating and uncomfortable for the first 10 days.Heavy exercise and movements that increase blood pressure should be avoided in the first 10 days.

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