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What Are the Risks of Abortion?

The risks of abortion should be known to all women who experience unwanted pregnancy. First of all, it should be underlined that abortion is a surgical operation. All surgical operations also contain some risks. In other words, there is no risk-free surgical operation.

Therefore, it should be known that the abortion procedure performed for termination of pregnancy also carries some complication risks. Of course, the risks of abortion are tried to be minimized by various measures. However, we can still state that the risks of complications are not completely eliminated.

Uterus Puncture (Perforation)

First of all, it is necessary to state that perforation of the uterus is very rare, although it is among the risks of abortion. Especially in vacuum aspiration technique, the possibility of this complication risk decreases even more, but the cannula used in the procedure may cause this stopping. In case of perforation, a surgical operation must be performed to repair the uterus.

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Infection Formation

The infection is not only among the risks of abortion. All surgical operations involve the risk of infection. Infection is suspected in various situations, such as high fever or increased bleeding after abortion. However, antibiotics are prescribed by your doctor to minimize this risk after the procedure. It is recommended to use the drugs regularly.

Part Remaining (Rest Placenta)

We can say that this risk is more common if abortion is performed before  the 6th week of pregnancy. Apart from that, it is one of the rarest risks of abortion and manifests itself with symptoms such as pain, such as bleeding. In the case of the rest placenta, the abortion must be performed again.

Blood in the Uterus (Hematometra)

This risk is manifested by the inability of the blood to be thrown out of the vagina due to the contraction of the uterus. We can state that this situation is not very common among the risks of abortion. If there is no bleeding after an abortion, you should inform your doctor immediately. Severe pain occurs as blood accumulates in the uterus.

Abortion Failed

Sometimes there may be some deformities in the uterus. Sometimes, catheter cannot be applied into the uterus due to some operations the patient has previously undergone, and therefore abortion cannot be started. In this case, which is among the risks of extremely rare abortion, the patient needs to take some medications. Therefore, the patient is awakened and the cervix is opened with medicines.

Intrauterine Adhesion (Asherman)

First of all, when the vacuum aspiration technique is preferred, we can state that the probability of intrauterine adhesion syndrome is almost nonexistent. Because the reason for this syndrome is that the uterus is scrapped much more than it should be. In vacuum aspiration, there is no scraping process and therefore the likelihood of asherman is also very low.

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Continuation of Pregnancy

Although abortion is sometimes performed, pregnancy can continue. This risk is usually experienced if the operation is performed before the 6th week of pregnancy. The formation of the gestational sac may not be completed before the 6th week of pregnancy, and therefore it is not possible to evacuate the whole sac from the uterus during abortion.

Therefore, pregnancy continues despite abortion. With the ultrasound imaging performed after the procedure, it can be easily understood whether pregnancy continues. Of course, in such a case, an abortion procedure must be done again.

Psychological problems

Depression appears to be a common risk after abortion. We can observe that psychological problems are experienced much more effectively, especially when the woman does not actually want to have an abortion but is forced to do so due to various reasons. Although abortion is not at the level of depression, problems such as feeling guilty and regret may also arise. In this case, gynecologists and obstetricians recommend patients to receive psychological therapy.

Is There a Risk of Vacuum Abortion?

Now, abortion is performed mostly using vacuum aspiration method and we can state that this method is the most ideal option in terms of the risks of abortion. The method with the least complication risk is vacuum aspiration.

It is the most comfortable method for both the patient and the physician in terms of evacuating the baby from the mother's womb, and the procedure is completed in a short time of just 10 minutes. At the same time, clinical rest is not required and the patient can go home on the day of the procedure.

However, we cannot say that abortion with vacuum aspiration has no risks. Even if this method was preferred, we can state that the abortion procedure has a risk of complications.

For example, there is a risk that infection and pregnancy cannot be terminated. We can also state that complication risks are not at the same level in every patient. Especially age is an important factor and the risk of complications increases with the age of the woman. Experiencing a doctor is an important factor that reduces the likelihood of risks.

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Who is Risky to Have Abortion?

Since abortion is the only way to terminate the pregnancy in case of unwanted pregnancy, the operation must be mandatory. Of course, the risks of abortion apply to every patient, but we can say that the procedure may involve more risk in some patients. In cases where abortion is more risky, we can give the following examples:
• Having had multiple ovarian operations
• Having one ovary
• Having a chocolate cyst
• Having endometriosis disease
• Tobacco products being used
• Being over the age of 35
• Having a family history of early menopause
For these people, the risks of an abortion or a higher likelihood of risks arising. For this reason, the operation by an experienced doctor is much more important. However, if pregnancy planning is not performed, the application of prevention methods is much more important for these people.

By contacting the gynecologist and obstetrician, you can ensure that a suitable contraceptive method is recommended for you. In this way, you would prefer a more correct way in terms of the risks of abortion.

General Anesthesia Risks in Abortion

The risks of general anesthesia applied during abortion are not much different from the risks of general anesthesia applied for any surgical operation. The risks of abortion caused by general anesthesia can be evaluated in two different groups, common and rare.

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Common General Anesthesia Risks

• Pain and hoarseness in the throat
• Nausea and vomiting
• Decrease or increase in heart rate
• Rarely Seen General Anesthesia Risks
• Pain in the neck and back
• Damage to lips, tongue, teeth and throat
• Aspiration
• Allergic reaction
• Damage to the nerves
• Heart attack
• Skin burns depending on cautery device
All of these are among the risks of abortion due to general anesthesia. However, we can state that local anesthesia can also be preferred for abortion procedure. However, in case of local anesthesia, it is possible for the patient to feel mild pain or cramping during abortion. For this reason, mostly gynecologists and obstetricians make their preference for general anesthesia.

Is there a risk of the second abortion?

Abortion is a surgical operation that can be repeated. The risks of the second abortion are no different than the first abortion. In other words, we can say that the second time of abortion does not pose an extra risk. Abortion twice in just a few days may increase the risk of infection and bleeding. Because, abortion twice is needed in a few days.

Abortion is performed for the second time, especially if there is a piece in the content, but it is necessary to underline that the possibility of remaining in the piece is quite low when the vacuum aspiration technique is preferred. Although abortion remains part of the list of risks, this risk is significantly reduced in an abortion procedure performed by an experienced doctor.

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Modified Technique Otoplasty Operation For Protruding Ears in Istanbul

Prominent Ear Surgery in Turkey

Otoplasty Operation For Protruding Ears in Istanbul

About The Prominent - Scoop Ear

Today, the prominent ear is among the problems affecting the aesthetic and psychosocial development of many people. The frequency of this problem, especially in the white race, is 5%. Women are more lucky than men in hiding the prominent ear problem. The prominent ear problem affects children the most.

Prominent ear deformity is an aesthetic problem that many people experience in our country. It should be noted that the prominent ear deformity is caused by two reasons. The first reason states that one's innate inner fold of the ear is not formed. This problem causes the ear to open outwards and make an almost ninety degree angle with the skull base.

The second reason that causes ear deformity is that the inner bucket called “concha”, which leads to the formation of the prominent ear, is caused by the opening of the ear outwards because of the wide, wide and deep, and such ears are also called “scoop ear deformity”.

The most common deformity in the ear is called "scoop ear" or "sailing ear" among the people. Since the ear folds are not sufficient due to the weakness of the ear cartilage, the condition of the auricle to be bent forward and sideways than normal is called a "scoop ear". The main reason is that the ears are far from the back of the ear at an angle far from the bone. This is often a disfigurement from the family. This situation, which is one of the largest complexes of many children, especially school-age children, differs from culture to culture today. Although the prominent ear is a mockery in western societies; In some societies, it is accepted as a symptom of loveliness, sweetness and beauty in young girls, and on the contrary, it is accepted as a reason for preference. Prominent ear surgery is an aesthetic surgery that is also in demand by men. The reason for this is that while men can easily hide their hair and ears, men cannot hide it because of their short hair.

What Are the Causes of Prominent Ear?

The prominent ear is a congenital and familial condition. It does not depend on a specific cause. It is not a sign of any discomfort or illness. Sometimes a newborn may not have one or two ears abnormally. According to another theory, the estrogen hormone circulating in the blood causes the ear cartilage to be soft, which turns into a prominent appearance with the pull of the forearm muscles immediately after birth.

Prominent Ear Surgery Age in Children

Prominent ear is the biggest nightmare of school-age children boys or girls. Because at school, they become a mockery for their friends, and this affects their school success and social relationships significantly. They have problems with school adaptation. In the future, it can even cause serious psychological problems that cannot be recovered. The best treatment is to apply an elastic bandage to the ears continuously for 2-3 weeks after birth, but under the supervision of a doctor, in babies whose scoop ears are detected. The result is usually successful and there is no need for surgery in the future. In children who missed this opportunity, the best time to treat is to correct it at the age of 6 before starting primary school. Because when they start school, they will be treated without being ridiculed and psychologically noticed. Since the ears complete their development at the age of 4-5, there is no harm in having surgery at the age of 6. According to personal conditions and family preference, surgery can be performed in later years, but pre-school surgery should be preferred because it eliminates the possibility of being taunted by the child's friends because of their ears. It can be done at any age from the age of 5.

Children Should Be 5 to 6 Years Old in Scoop Ear Surgery

The development of the ears of the children is almost complete before they reach the age of five and a half. In children, the head continues to grow from this age, but it is observed that the ear length and width remain almost the same. The point we have reached as a result of our advice and all scientific researches is that children should have scoop ear surgery between the ages of five and a half to six years before they reach primary school age.

Pediatric patients are mostly operated under general anesthesia, while adult patients undergo local anesthesia and sedation and the operation is completed in one and a half hours.

Important for the Psychosocial Development of Children

In fact, it is known as ear size among the people. But the prominent ear problem has nothing to do with the size of the ear. It is possible to say that there is only an angular problem. So what is the prominent ear problem?

The prominent ear is usually seen from the moment people are born. Although it is not considered very important in the early days, it may cause children to face various social problems due to their physical appearance.

Prominent ear surgery, especially during periods when children start to discover their own physical features, it will be likely that various psychological problems will arise. So much so that the development process is a very important issue for every child. Like everyone, they want their aesthetic appearance to be very good.

In cases where the appearance is not good, it will be inevitable to experience the problem of sociality. Therefore, the prominent ear problem should be treated as soon as possible.

The only known treatment of the problem is surgical methods. It will be more appropriate to do it in preschool periods especially for children in terms of not having trouble in the future periods.

It is recommended to carry out a small aesthetic operation to children who experience this problem before the primary school age, especially since early intervention to people with a prominent ear problem is of great importance for the psychosocial development of the patient.

A child who was mocked by his friends because of his ear, especially in primary school age, does not experience processes such as closings, not talking too much, decrease in his expressiveness, decrease in his social shares, and for the psychosocial development of the child, the patient should be operated before the age of primary school and this operation is a precautionary surgery for the psychosocial development of the child. It is necessary to underline.

Operation of classical method in scoop ear does not offer permanent solution!

When using classical techniques in scoop ear surgeries, there is a risk of recurrence of scoop ear up to 25% - 30% compared to literature. The reason for this is that the sutures passed through the cartilage in classical techniques create disadvantages in several points. First of all, these stitches get rid of ear cartilage, which is very thin and delicate over time, and the ear is restored and re-opened. The second disadvantage is that the tension and the load created by the stitches placed only on the cartilage to create the fold cause regional pain in the ear that lasts for a long time or even often. For this reason, the most remarkable aspects of the prominent ear aesthetic operation performed by applying classical technique are the high risk of re-opening and reinstatement and post-operative pain formation.

There are different types of ear aesthetic surgery (otoplasty) techniques for scoop ear treatment. The most well-known among these is the "Mustarde technique otoplasty". In this method, the cartilage of the auricle is directed backwards by using permanent stitche materials behind the auricle that lasts for 8-10 minutes.

Usually instead of prominent ear aesthetic surgery with this sewing method; I prefer to do a modified technical ear ear surgery.

Can Prominent Ear Surgery Be Performed in Adults?

Prominent ear correction surgery can be performed easily in adults and there is no inconvenience. Patients who have not been treated in our community for socioeconomic reasons in childhood are operated when they become adults and have their own financial means.

What Are The Benefits of Prominent Ear Surgery?

Prominent ear aesthetic surgery seriously changes the appearance of the person by ensuring that the ears come to their normal places. When this situation increases self-confidence, it will affect family and social relationships positively.

How Is A Modified Technique Otoplasty Be Performed?

Modified Technique Otoplasty

Modified technique otoplasty operation can also be performed under local anesthesia. After the local anesthetic injection, after the incision is made behind the auricle, the antihelial fold with insufficient opening is marked from the back with needles and this fold creates a new suture with absorbable suture materials. Here, cartilage incision and cartilage shaping process is performed in the auricle as schematized in the above image. From the front, unsharp folds appear as if they were a normal auricle fold and can provide a natural look. It can be additionally combined with other techniques in patients with concha cartilage excess and I prefer to do it most frequently with the concha-mastoid suture technique. After the cartilage is shaped and stitched, the skin can be sutured with absorbable sewing materials. In addition, partial resection can be made from the skin. Usually the processing time is between 30-45 minutes. After the procedure, the operation is terminated by making a printed dressing.

Advantages of the modified technique prominent ear surgery

The advantages of prominent ear surgeries performed with this technique can be listed as follows:

  • During the procedure, the ear folds are aimed to shape the cartilage with a natural appearance and to form a new fold, and after the recovery is completed, permanent auricle is shaped.
  • When cartilage shaping or angulation is used with permanent and non-absorbable sewing materials, there is a risk that the skin of the messenger skin is thin and the stitches come out or cause infection. Since it is not necessary to use non-absorbable suture material in the modified technique, there is no risk of this suture reaction, infection and suturing material from the skin.
  • During the process, the cartilage is shaped and shaped with the help of a scalpel and elevator. As in the sewing method, there is no risk of a retarding after the stitch is opened or disposed after the healing is completed.
  • Reconstruction of the antihelial fold on the auricle, a more natural appearance of the auricle can be obtained when the folds are not sharp when viewed from the side and from the front.

Disadvantages of modified technique prominent ear surgery

In general, the biggest disadvantage of this technique is the long duration. The processing time is generally around 30 minutes but it can be extended up to 45 minutes.

Photos of the modified technique scoop ear surgery

Otoplasty Operation For Protruding Ears in Istanbul

Otoplasty Operation For Protruding Ears in Istanbul

Otoplasty Operation For Protruding Ears in Istanbul

After the procedure below, you can take a look at the photos showing the back, side and front view of the auricle. If an antibiotic cream is applied to the absorbable suture area on the back, a thin line-shaped incision scar usually remains within a few weeks. In the photographs before the above procedure, the entrance points of the dental needle used in local anesthetic injection are seen as small red dots. 

Prominent Ear Surgery (Modified Technique Prominent Ear Surgery) Video With Cartilage Shaping:

What is the ideal season for scoop ear surgery?

scoop ear surgery There is no seasonal requirement for scoop ear surgery. It is possible to apply in all seasons. However, it is imperative to pay attention to some issues in the summer, when scoop ear surgery is performed.

So much so that it is inevitable to use bandages and tape, especially in the summer months. Because in hot weather, people will feel physically uncomfortable.

For this reason, it will be much more beneficial to do it in spring, autumn and winter seasons for a more comfortable operation. Thus, it will be possible to avoid problems related to heat.

What are the risks of prominent ear surgery?

As with any surgery, certain risks will be involved in scoop ear surgery. One of these risks is bleeding during surgery. Bleeding is not something to be afraid of. It can be stopped by specialists. Rather than this risk, the main danger is the risk of complications after surgery. Postoperative follow-up should be done regularly to avoid complications. Another risk that may occur during or after ear surgery is asymmetric distress. In other words, both ears are not in the same ratio with each other. In such cases, a surgical procedure may be required. Therefore, it will be beneficial to pay attention to ear rates. During the surgery, I use self-melting (non-permanent) sewing materials and it is beneficial in terms of protecting patients from the risks of permanent sewing reaction. The risk factor of prominent ear surgery is very low. It is possible that complications such as edema or bruising occur at the earliest stages of the operation. If the patient does not pay attention to himself after the operation and the controls are not frequently visited, the risk of getting an infection is also high. These risks usually include opening stitches and bleeding. However, it can be said that there is a very rare side effect if careful after surgery. In the later stages of the surgery, the permanent sutures put in order to shape the ear can be opened and the condition of the auricle may reappear. This is very rare, just like any other situation. In such cases, surgery will need to be done again.

Is general anesthesia required for scoop ear surgeries?

Prominent ear surgeries are usually performed under anesthesia (the operation is performed under general anesthesia in children and under general or local anesthesia in adults.). However, anesthesia technique is generally used for very young children. Ear aesthetics for older children and adult people is usually done with sedatives or local anesthesia. In addition, if deemed appropriate, it can also be done using general anesthesia.

Cost of Prominent Ear Aesthetic Operation in Istanbul 

I usually use a modified technique for treatment of protruding ears. It takes a little longerthan simple otoplasty techniques that done with permament stitches in few minutes and I don't use permanent sewing materials. When otoplasty operation is performed on two ears, the price varies between 2500 - 3500 US Dollars according to hospitals. Tıtal surgery cost fees may increase in luxury hospitals. One day staying at hospital, blood tests, instruments and all doctor fees are included in this price.

Healing After Otoplasty Operation and Postoperative Patient Care

After ear aesthetics, the patient's ears are covered with a bandage. This bandage is removed a day or two after surgery and the ears are checked. After the operation, the patient is recommended to rest at home for a few days. The patient may experience some pain for the first two days, but this pain is often easily controlled by painkillers. The patient can use a tape to protect his ears for about 2-3 weeks thereafter. He can use this especially at night. If the patient does not have a complaint, the postoperative check is done approximately 1 month later.

We then apply a bandage such as a forehead band or a sweat bandage worn by athletes. We wear this bandage for one week day and night, after one week only to keep it on the ear pillow while sleeping at night. Our patients generally do not feel much pain after this procedure.

Do not hang on the ear in a three-week period that we only tell our patients. After three weeks, the ear tightens and the ear returns to what it should be normal.

Usually this process takes place in the same way for men and women. The breed does not make any difference. A faster recovery appears in children. So it is more useful to do it at a young age.

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How is Abortion Done in Turkey

Abortion is a pregnancy evacuation procedure performed with the consent of the patient. In cases where the person is over the age of 18, abortion can be done with their consent. However, in case of marriage, a spouse's permission is also required. In cases under the age of 18, permission must be obtained from the necessary institutions or family. The abortion procedure is kept secret. 3. Persons are not informed about this issue.

Abortion can only be applied until the 10th week of pregnancy. Pregnancies larger than this week cannot be evacuated unless there is a medical justification or a fetal reason.

In order for abortion to be performed, the blood group must first be known. If Rh Negative blood group is in question, the blood type of the partner should also be learned for blood incompatibility. In cases of blood incompatibility, an incompatibility needle, namely Anti-D drug, should be administered within 72 hours after an abortion.

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What are the Abortion Stages?

The patient is taken to the gynecological examination table for abortion. Then, controls are done by ultrasonography. If the patient's urine bag is full, she is asked to empty it. Then, the clothes and clothes below the waist are removed and the patient lies on the gynecological examination table.

The most suitable position for this procedure is lithotomy. That is, as if the patient had a gynecological examination, his legs are placed in special parts. Then, the week and size of the pregnancy are determined by ultrasound. It is important to observe gestational sac, otherwise ectopic pregnancy may occur. For this reason, ultrasound controls are very important.

Abortion can be applied under general or local anesthesia. If local anesthesia will be applied, medication is given to both sides of the cervix. Thanks to this anesthesia; cervix is dilated with special spark plugs. In this way, the patient feels less pain.

In general anesthesia method, vascular access is opened with a thin catheter and medication is given by an anesthesiologist.
After the anesthesia procedure is completed, the vaginal speculum is placed. Thanks to the speculum, the cervix can be observed. Then the vagina and cervix are cleaned with antiseptic solutions. Then the cervix; It is held with the help of a tool called tenaculum device.

In this way, the uterus becomes flat and the abortion process becomes easier. After straightening the uterus, the cervix is widened with the tools called spark plug. The equivalent of this procedure in the medical literature is dilation.

After this procedure, plastic cannulas applied to an injector that creates a negative pressure called karmen injector are applied to the cervix. The uterine cavity is reached. By pressing the button of the syringe, negative pressure is created and it is provided to make back and forth movements. In this way, the inside of the uterus is cleaned. The process continues until the inside of the uterus is completely cleaned.

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Which method is abortion done?

Vacuum Aspiration Curettage
Abortion procedure is practiced today by the vacuum method. The abortion process mentioned above is also explained with the vacuum method. The pregnancy is evacuated from the uterus by the vacuum system through the plastic injector and thin plastic tubular cannula.

Today, it is the safest and least complicated method. Abortions with this system are completed in approximately 10 minutes.
Curette instruments used in the past were sharp instruments. The risk of uterine puncture and other side effects was higher. The uterus was scraped and cleaned with the tip of these curettes. For this reason, it is not a widely used method today.

The most important point to be considered in abortion process; is to perform the procedure in a reliable and hygienic environment by expert hands. Otherwise, side effects and possible complication risks will increase.
In the animation below, you can see how vacuum abortion is done.

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Drug use and controls after abortion

After abortion, the patient needs to use some medications to reduce the risk of infection. A week later, the patient is expected to come for control for the healing process. However, if there is excessive pain or excessive bleeding, consult a doctor without waiting for a week.

You can take a shower after an abortion. However, standing shower is recommended. Bleeding may occur after an abortion. Buffer should not be used for this, pads should be preferred.
The following conditions after an abortion are considered urgent and it is necessary to immediately contact a specialist:
• If the body temperature has exceeded 38 degrees,
• If no bleeding and increased bleeding occur after abortion,
• If a foul-smelling discharge occurs after an abortion,
• If bleeding does not decrease for 5 days after an abortion, consult a doctor.

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Abortion prices in istanbul

Abortion prices in 2020 is one of the most frequently asked questions of those who want to have this procedure.

Often, when women need to have an abortion, it is a topic explored.

The abortion procedure to end unwanted pregnancies is a surgical operation based on the procedure of evacuating the baby from the mother's womb.

Abortion prices can range from 1000 - 2500 US Dollars on average.

Although it can be done with many different techniques, the most preferred abortion method worldwide is the vacuum aspiration technique.

This method is the most comfortable option for both the patient and the doctor.

Compared to other abortion techniques, the risk of abortion-related complications is lower, so that the vacuum abortion method is preferred more.

Therefore, the numbers you will encounter during abortion prices in 2020 research are mostly the price of the vacuum aspiration method.

However, in rare cases, it may not be possible to apply the vacuum aspiration technique in some patients.

Sometimes, a different technique can be applied, such as the scraping technique, as the choice of the doctor completely.

It should be noted that the price may change in this case.

Because one of the factors affecting prices in all surgical operations, especially abortion, is with which technique the operation will be performed.

After examining what abortion is, how it is done, why it is done, you can examine the real question.
But first of all, who can have an abortion, what are the general conditions and what should be considered, should be examined.

abortion prices istanbul
abortion prices in istanbul

How Does Abortion Prices Change?

First of all, it should be noted that abortion prices are effective on many factors.
The first is the weeks of pregnancy. At this point, it is also necessary to talk about the legal period. Under the law,
abortion cannot be performed after the 10th week of pregnancy, except in rare cases.
We can give these rare cases such as the occurrence of a life-threatening bleeding problem for the expectant mother,
the death of the baby in the womb or the presence of a health problem that may cause serious problems in maintaining the life of the baby after birth.

In such cases, it may not be possible to evacuate the baby with vacuum aspiration technique and different abortion methods should be applied. Naturally,
unwanted pregnancy to and, prices may also correspond to higher figures.
The abortion method applied in pregnancies lasting less than 10 weeks can be completed in only 10 to 15 minutes. However,
abortion period is longer in large pregnancies and this operation can be performed with a more complex procedure.

This is because the abortion fees are slightly higher.
The doctor's experience is another factor that affects unwanted pregnancy prices and is also important and has a role to affect the unwanted pregnancy price.
Abortion prices The preference of the doctor should not be based on the price information, an experienced doctor should be preferred.

When talking about prices, it is also necessary to touch the exchange rates.
Various medications such as anesthesia drugs used after the procedure may be coming abroad. In this case, exchange rates also come into play because the amount paid for medicines is reflected in the prices offered to the patients.
The tools used are also on the list of determinants of abortion fees.

how much are abortion prices
how much are abortion prices

Does Price Increase in Advanced Pregnancies?

Is abortion prohibited? Is there an abortion in big pregnancies? In the later stages of pregnancy, when an abortion is required for any reason,
different equipment, medicine and medical supplies are used. This situation results in different numbers determined as abortion prices in big pregnancies.
In response to the question of how many months of abortion is performed,
various legal documents such as the court report or the signature of at least 3 physicians from the physician committee are required for abortion in large pregnancies.
So the physician determines.

How is an abortion? If the law permits, the cervix is ​​opened with the help of drugs put into the cervix. At the same time,
these drugs provide a softening in the cervix. The uterus is reached and the baby is evacuated. Of course,
the anesthesia applied in this case is different from the anesthesia applied before vacuum aspiration.
All this affects unwanted pregnancy prices in advanced pregnancies. Of course, depending on the health condition of the expectant mother,
the application of different abortion techniques may also be necessary.


 Abortion Prices in single and married woman

The abortion procedure is performed with the same procedure in the case of pregnancy developing outside the marriage in married women.
Therefore, abortion prices do not change. In the absence of health problems requiring a different technique,
abortion is completed with the vacuum aspiration method, whether married or not. Therefore, it is not possible to have a difference in prices.
In the clinic of the gynecologist and obstetrician you apply for, the reason why the staff is asked if you are married is not the prices.

The wife's permission is required for married women to have an abortion. The spouse is asked to sign the consent document.
Abortion is prohibited if the spouses do not approve. Because the reason for asking whether you are married is only legal procedures and a permission to be obtained.
Meanwhile, women under 18 must have their parents approved for abortion, whether they are married or not.

How much is abortion prices in 2020?

How much is abortion prices in 2020

How much is abortion prices in 2020

First of all, you should know that it will be misleading to tell you about abortion prices by 2020. Because many different factors,
from which doctor you choose to how long the gestational week is, will have an effect on the budget you need to allocate for this procedure.
So it would not be right for us to tell you about a price or a range of prices and it will mislead you. If you want to get price information,
you must first know what week of pregnancy you are.
Because pregnancy termination prices to be informed to you will be determined by taking this information into consideration.

You may be examined for this and your doctor may also check if your condition is suitable for vacuum abortion during this examination.
Afterwards, it is determined how many weeks you are in pregnancy and you can make the necessary date planning for the abortion procedure.
In this way, a clear figure will be sent to you as abortion fees. However, we can state that the prices are quite reasonable in general.
Abortion in our country does not require a budget of very high numbers.

We can list the Abortion Prices as follows

  • Abortion prices between 6-7 weeks are 1000 US Dollars.
  • Abortion prices between 7-8 weeks are 1000 US Dollars.
  • Abortion prices between 8-9 weeks are 1500 US Dollars.
  • Abortion prices between 9-10 weeks are 1500 US Dollars.

Istanbul European Region Abortion Prices

Some of the women who researched on the European side of Istanbul abortion may think that prices may vary according to the cities.
Just because you live in Istanbul doesn't mean you will face higher or lower abortion prices by 2020. As we mentioned before,
these prices vary depending on different factors, not the city.

In addition, which health institution you prefer is one of the issues that affect prices. Although abortion risk is low, abortion is a surgical operation.
Therefore, choosing an experienced doctor is more important than the price.
In order to carry out the procedure with a comfortable process and to complete the healing process smoothly,
you must first turn your route to experienced doctors.

Meanwhile, abortion is an operation that should be done only by obstetricians and obstetricians.
Do not respect the places called as under the stairs ( Turkish Term) among the people and those who have not received education in medicine.
Because, various situations such as lower abortion prices are offered or women who have exceeded the legal period are also exposed to the press.

Never forget that these places are not a practice or clinic, they are completely illegal, and it is a crime to have an abortion after the 10th week of pregnancy.
On the topic below, you can examine the points to be considered before and after abortion.


Points to Consider

Any intervention done by non-obstetricians and obstetricians can cause serious health problems. Even abortion risks can be a vital condition.
Of course, you can research about abortion prices 2020.

However, never turn your route in a different direction than the doctors who have received medical education and experienced in their field.
It is also wondering whether there is an abortion in public hospitals. Of course, abortion can be done in public hospitals, although not all.
However, due to the intensity, you can make an appointment at a very advanced date and in this case, you can miss the 10th week of pregnancy,
which is the legal period for abortion. If you miss this time, you will not be able to take the baby.

However, in some public hospitals, abortion can only be done in emergency situations,
when the expectant mother's life is at risk or when it is compulsory due to lack of equipment or personnel.
Applications that are made on justified grounds other than these cases may not be accepted.
You should also consider this risk. Because we observe that many women may miss the legal period for reasons such as doing research or undecided in choosing a doctor.

You should not forget that the abortion process also has psychological dimensions.
For what purpose it is necessary, having an abortion is a psychologically challenging process for every woman.
For this reason, at least ensuring that the operation is performed in a comfortable environment by a reassuring doctor helps you feel much better psychologically.

In environments where there is a serious patient density, you may feel more under pressure or experience the feeling of guilt that occurs in many women due to abortion. It would be useful to consider these possibilities as well. Every woman deserves an abortion in a comfortable environment. Do not risk your health in illegal places and value yourself.

How Much Price Will Be Changed By Using Anesthesia ?

The abortion procedure is performed under anesthesia so that the patient does not feel any pain or pain during the operation.
The anesthesia type abortion prices to be applied have an impact on 2020. Of course, the price will be slightly lower if local anesthesia is applied.

The price of an abortion procedure under general anesthesia is slightly higher than the legal price of an abortion with local anesthesia.
The anesthesia applied in this operation is not the same as the anesthesia applied in difficult and long-lasting operations, i.e. narcosis support.
A much lighter anesthetic is applied. However, an increase in price may occur due to the drugs used and similar reasons.

Are pregnancy termination prices the same everywhere?

One of the most curious elements on the subject is the question of whether abortion prices are the same everywhere in 2020.
Of course, the price of this procedure, which is carried out to evacuate the baby from the womb, will not be the same everywhere.

Prices are determined by the institution in every practice or hospital and many factors affect the price,
from the experience of the doctor to the drugs used or the anesthesia applied. However, let's convey the information that there is a minimum price.
Institutions cannot charge less than this minimum price.

The Abortion Price are determined every year in January and June, that is,
twice a year by taking into consideration the coefficient of the Chamber of Medicine. A fee can be charged above this price. However,
it is definitely not right to choose according to the price. Just as the high price does not mean that the operation will be more accurate,
more reasonable prices do not mean that the abortion procedure will not be done correctly. When choosing,
it will be useful to consider the experience of the doctor and the approach to the patient rather than the price.


Does the State Hospital Cover Abortion Prices?

Is abortion legal and does the state meet abortion prices? we can say that the state is very confused about whether the abortion fees are covered by the state.
The price of an abortion in a private practice or hospital is not covered by the government. In order for abortion to be covered by the state,
the operation must be carried out in public hospitals. However, abortion in public hospitals in our country can be done only when there are medical obligations.

Abortion can be done in the state hospital in cases such as mole pregnancy, death of the baby in the mother's womb,
gestational sac not develop, anembryonic pregnancy, excessive bleeding in the patient. Apart from such situations, the operation cannot be performed due to intensity, and the procedure must be performed in a private practice or hospital, and unwanted pregnancy prices are covered by the patient.

In Which Conditions Does Abortion Fees Increase?

Many different factors are taken into account in determining the abortion prices. These factors can also cause the price to increase.
For example, the prices of local anesthesia, sedation anesthesia and general anesthesia are different and are reflected in abortion prices as well.
The highest prices are offered in private luxury hospitals, including hotel service. Within the scope of these services,
which can also be launched as VIPs, prices can reach much higher figures. However, more reasonable fees are offered in practices and clinics.

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