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Abortion prices in istanbul

Abortion prices in 2020 is one of the most frequently asked questions of those who want to have this procedure.

Often, when women need to have an abortion, it is a topic explored.

The abortion procedure to end unwanted pregnancies is a surgical operation based on the procedure of evacuating the baby from the mother's womb.

Abortion prices can range from 1000 - 2500 US Dollars on average.

Although it can be done with many different techniques, the most preferred abortion method worldwide is the vacuum aspiration technique.

This method is the most comfortable option for both the patient and the doctor.

Compared to other abortion techniques, the risk of abortion-related complications is lower, so that the vacuum abortion method is preferred more.

Therefore, the numbers you will encounter during abortion prices in 2020 research are mostly the price of the vacuum aspiration method.

However, in rare cases, it may not be possible to apply the vacuum aspiration technique in some patients.

Sometimes, a different technique can be applied, such as the scraping technique, as the choice of the doctor completely.

It should be noted that the price may change in this case.

Because one of the factors affecting prices in all surgical operations, especially abortion, is with which technique the operation will be performed.

After examining what abortion is, how it is done, why it is done, you can examine the real question.
But first of all, who can have an abortion, what are the general conditions and what should be considered, should be examined.

abortion prices istanbul
abortion prices in istanbul

How Does Abortion Prices Change?

First of all, it should be noted that abortion prices are effective on many factors.
The first is the weeks of pregnancy. At this point, it is also necessary to talk about the legal period. Under the law,
abortion cannot be performed after the 10th week of pregnancy, except in rare cases.
We can give these rare cases such as the occurrence of a life-threatening bleeding problem for the expectant mother,
the death of the baby in the womb or the presence of a health problem that may cause serious problems in maintaining the life of the baby after birth.

In such cases, it may not be possible to evacuate the baby with vacuum aspiration technique and different abortion methods should be applied. Naturally,
unwanted pregnancy to and, prices may also correspond to higher figures.
The abortion method applied in pregnancies lasting less than 10 weeks can be completed in only 10 to 15 minutes. However,
abortion period is longer in large pregnancies and this operation can be performed with a more complex procedure.

This is because the abortion fees are slightly higher.
The doctor's experience is another factor that affects unwanted pregnancy prices and is also important and has a role to affect the unwanted pregnancy price.
Abortion prices The preference of the doctor should not be based on the price information, an experienced doctor should be preferred.

When talking about prices, it is also necessary to touch the exchange rates.
Various medications such as anesthesia drugs used after the procedure may be coming abroad. In this case, exchange rates also come into play because the amount paid for medicines is reflected in the prices offered to the patients.
The tools used are also on the list of determinants of abortion fees.

how much are abortion prices
how much are abortion prices

Does Price Increase in Advanced Pregnancies?

Is abortion prohibited? Is there an abortion in big pregnancies? In the later stages of pregnancy, when an abortion is required for any reason,
different equipment, medicine and medical supplies are used. This situation results in different numbers determined as abortion prices in big pregnancies.
In response to the question of how many months of abortion is performed,
various legal documents such as the court report or the signature of at least 3 physicians from the physician committee are required for abortion in large pregnancies.
So the physician determines.

How is an abortion? If the law permits, the cervix is ​​opened with the help of drugs put into the cervix. At the same time,
these drugs provide a softening in the cervix. The uterus is reached and the baby is evacuated. Of course,
the anesthesia applied in this case is different from the anesthesia applied before vacuum aspiration.
All this affects unwanted pregnancy prices in advanced pregnancies. Of course, depending on the health condition of the expectant mother,
the application of different abortion techniques may also be necessary.

 Abortion Prices in single and married woman

The abortion procedure is performed with the same procedure in the case of pregnancy developing outside the marriage in married women.
Therefore, abortion prices do not change. In the absence of health problems requiring a different technique,
abortion is completed with the vacuum aspiration method, whether married or not. Therefore, it is not possible to have a difference in prices.
In the clinic of the gynecologist and obstetrician you apply for, the reason why the staff is asked if you are married is not the prices.

The wife's permission is required for married women to have an abortion. The spouse is asked to sign the consent document.
Abortion is prohibited if the spouses do not approve. Because the reason for asking whether you are married is only legal procedures and a permission to be obtained.
Meanwhile, women under 18 must have their parents approved for abortion, whether they are married or not.

How much is abortion prices in 2020?

How much is abortion prices in 2020

How much is abortion prices in 2020

First of all, you should know that it will be misleading to tell you about abortion prices by 2020. Because many different factors,
from which doctor you choose to how long the gestational week is, will have an effect on the budget you need to allocate for this procedure.
So it would not be right for us to tell you about a price or a range of prices and it will mislead you. If you want to get price information,
you must first know what week of pregnancy you are.
Because pregnancy termination prices to be informed to you will be determined by taking this information into consideration.

You may be examined for this and your doctor may also check if your condition is suitable for vacuum abortion during this examination.
Afterwards, it is determined how many weeks you are in pregnancy and you can make the necessary date planning for the abortion procedure.
In this way, a clear figure will be sent to you as abortion fees. However, we can state that the prices are quite reasonable in general.
Abortion in our country does not require a budget of very high numbers.

We can list the Abortion Prices as follows

  • Abortion prices between 6-7 weeks are 1000 US Dollars.
  • Abortion prices between 7-8 weeks are 1000 US Dollars.
  • Abortion prices between 8-9 weeks are 1500 US Dollars.
  • Abortion prices between 9-10 weeks are 1500 US Dollars.

Istanbul European Region Abortion Prices

Some of the women who researched on the European side of Istanbul abortion may think that prices may vary according to the cities.
Just because you live in Istanbul doesn't mean you will face higher or lower abortion prices by 2020. As we mentioned before,
these prices vary depending on different factors, not the city.

In addition, which health institution you prefer is one of the issues that affect prices. Although abortion risk is low, abortion is a surgical operation.
Therefore, choosing an experienced doctor is more important than the price.
In order to carry out the procedure with a comfortable process and to complete the healing process smoothly,
you must first turn your route to experienced doctors.

Meanwhile, abortion is an operation that should be done only by obstetricians and obstetricians.
Do not respect the places called as under the stairs ( Turkish Term) among the people and those who have not received education in medicine.
Because, various situations such as lower abortion prices are offered or women who have exceeded the legal period are also exposed to the press.

Never forget that these places are not a practice or clinic, they are completely illegal, and it is a crime to have an abortion after the 10th week of pregnancy.
On the topic below, you can examine the points to be considered before and after abortion.

Points to Consider

Any intervention done by non-obstetricians and obstetricians can cause serious health problems. Even abortion risks can be a vital condition.
Of course, you can research about abortion prices 2020.

However, never turn your route in a different direction than the doctors who have received medical education and experienced in their field.
It is also wondering whether there is an abortion in public hospitals. Of course, abortion can be done in public hospitals, although not all.
However, due to the intensity, you can make an appointment at a very advanced date and in this case, you can miss the 10th week of pregnancy,
which is the legal period for abortion. If you miss this time, you will not be able to take the baby.

However, in some public hospitals, abortion can only be done in emergency situations,
when the expectant mother's life is at risk or when it is compulsory due to lack of equipment or personnel.
Applications that are made on justified grounds other than these cases may not be accepted.
You should also consider this risk. Because we observe that many women may miss the legal period for reasons such as doing research or undecided in choosing a doctor.

You should not forget that the abortion process also has psychological dimensions.
For what purpose it is necessary, having an abortion is a psychologically challenging process for every woman.
For this reason, at least ensuring that the operation is performed in a comfortable environment by a reassuring doctor helps you feel much better psychologically.

In environments where there is a serious patient density, you may feel more under pressure or experience the feeling of guilt that occurs in many women due to abortion. It would be useful to consider these possibilities as well. Every woman deserves an abortion in a comfortable environment. Do not risk your health in illegal places and value yourself.

How Much Price Will Be Changed By Using Anesthesia ?

The abortion procedure is performed under anesthesia so that the patient does not feel any pain or pain during the operation.
The anesthesia type abortion prices to be applied have an impact on 2020. Of course, the price will be slightly lower if local anesthesia is applied.

The price of an abortion procedure under general anesthesia is slightly higher than the legal price of an abortion with local anesthesia.
The anesthesia applied in this operation is not the same as the anesthesia applied in difficult and long-lasting operations, i.e. narcosis support.
A much lighter anesthetic is applied. However, an increase in price may occur due to the drugs used and similar reasons.

Are pregnancy termination prices the same everywhere?

One of the most curious elements on the subject is the question of whether abortion prices are the same everywhere in 2020.
Of course, the price of this procedure, which is carried out to evacuate the baby from the womb, will not be the same everywhere.

Prices are determined by the institution in every practice or hospital and many factors affect the price,
from the experience of the doctor to the drugs used or the anesthesia applied. However, let's convey the information that there is a minimum price.
Institutions cannot charge less than this minimum price.

The Abortion Price are determined every year in January and June, that is,
twice a year by taking into consideration the coefficient of the Chamber of Medicine. A fee can be charged above this price. However,
it is definitely not right to choose according to the price. Just as the high price does not mean that the operation will be more accurate,
more reasonable prices do not mean that the abortion procedure will not be done correctly. When choosing,
it will be useful to consider the experience of the doctor and the approach to the patient rather than the price.

Does the State Hospital Cover Abortion Prices?

Is abortion legal and does the state meet abortion prices? we can say that the state is very confused about whether the abortion fees are covered by the state.
The price of an abortion in a private practice or hospital is not covered by the government. In order for abortion to be covered by the state,
the operation must be carried out in public hospitals. However, abortion in public hospitals in our country can be done only when there are medical obligations.

Abortion can be done in the state hospital in cases such as mole pregnancy, death of the baby in the mother's womb,
gestational sac not develop, anembryonic pregnancy, excessive bleeding in the patient. Apart from such situations, the operation cannot be performed due to intensity, and the procedure must be performed in a private practice or hospital, and unwanted pregnancy prices are covered by the patient.

In Which Conditions Does Abortion Fees Increase?

Many different factors are taken into account in determining the abortion prices. These factors can also cause the price to increase.
For example, the prices of local anesthesia, sedation anesthesia and general anesthesia are different and are reflected in abortion prices as well.
The highest prices are offered in private luxury hospitals, including hotel service. Within the scope of these services,
which can also be launched as VIPs, prices can reach much higher figures. However, more reasonable fees are offered in practices and clinics.

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