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An Enzyme Obtained From Pineapple and Used as An Edema Reliever After Cosmetic Surgeries: Bromelain

Bromelain - A Product Commonly Used After Ethnic Rhinoplasty Operations With Thick Skin Features


Bromelain is an enzyme mixture derived from the stems or fruits of pineapple. Active ingredients in Bromelain include proteinases and proteases, enzymes that break down proteins in the body. The active components of Bromelain are found in the water and handle of the pineapple plant, but the sap contains more bromelain than the fruit.

Bromelain has been known chemically since 1876 and was first described by Marcano in 1891 Bromelain review and isolation began from 1894 and was presented as a therapeutic supplement in 1957.

Bromelain is the generic name given to sulfidrile-containing proteolytic enzymes derived from the pineapple plant {pineapple comosus). The primary component of bromelaine is a sulfidril proteolytic fraction.

Bromelain also contains peroxidase, acid phosphatase, various protease inhibitors, and organic bound calcium. The physiological effect of bromelaine is not solely due to its proteolytic fraction, which is the principal component. The beneficial effects of bromelain depend not only on a single isolated factor, but on multiple factors within bromelain. To describe the activity of bromelaine, the gelatin disintegrating Unit (G.D.U) such units are used.

Bromelain is a substance that can be effective after surgery or injury, especially in order to eliminate or mitigate the effects of swelling in the nose and sinuses. In addition, hay allergy, ulceration and inflammation of the gut diseases, treatment of injured burn tissues, lung edema formation prevention, relaxation of muscles, support novelization, blood clotting reduction, antibiotic absorption increase, cancer prevention, birth and the body's fat tissue to facilitate the release of is used.

Supplements such as solgar bromelain can also be used to relieve novel pains after an intense exercise routine. However, studies have shown that bromelain is not effective in this case.

Benefits Of Bromelain

The health effects of pineapple are attributed to bromelaine, a mixture of 95% protease. Bromelain supplement is derived from the fruit or stem of pineapple and contains different enzymatic compositions. Bromelain, a wound-healing and circulation as well as healing effects, anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic and fibrinolytic effects, anticancer activity, immunomodulatory effects and are widely used for features like.

The benefits of Bromelain are as follows:

Digestive System

As Bromelain is a mixture of the proteolytic enzymes of pineapple, known as bromelane A and B, it has the property of an enzyme that decomposes the protein and facilitates digestion. Bromelan enzyme makes the proteins taken from meat available to the body.

Stomach Ailments

It also helps to alleviate the symptoms of heartburn and stomach discomfort when used in combination with other enzymes such as Bromelain enzyme lipase and amylase. If you have stomach problems like this, the bromelane enzyme will help you by diluting the findings.

Reduction of Inflammation

The enzyme Bromelain will also have a helpful effect to relieve this inflammation if inflammation occurs as a result of any infection or physical injury.

Inflammation, Burning and Pain

The enzyme Bromelain in the light of the findings of the research at the same time, sports injuries, physical injuries, edema occurred as a result of the operation, problems such as burning, reducing inflammation and pain reducing the healing time of damaged tissues and it is used for effect; accelerates the healing process.

Killing Viruses and Bacteria

It would not be very accurate to say anything for sure, since studies have been done on animals and research has not been done on humans. However, according to the results of the experiments, Bromelan supplement may be effective in killing some viruses and bacteria. However, as we have said, since the findings are not certain, there will be a possibility.

Clotting The Veins

In particular, the formation of clots and clots in the veins can be observed due to poor eating habits or other reasons. In this regard, Bromelane, which is stored in blood vessels and which reduces the circulation of the blood to break down the fibrins, will help to speed up the circulation again.

Blood-Thinning Effect

Bromelain is an enzyme that has a blood-thinning effect. It has anti-platelet adhesion properties.

Effect Against Cancer

Research by Austrian scientists has found that Bromelain enzyme found in pineapple may be effective against cancer. The bromelan enzyme has a positive effect in improving proteins on the cell surface as it enables modulation of the immune system, reduction of platelet clustering and destruction of fibrin. It also eliminates the possibility of metastasis, with the potential to catalyze the destruction of Bromelane collagen.

Respiratory Disorders

According to the results obtained from some studies, the enzyme Bromelain, also known as pineapple pill, helps to reduce the negative effects and symptoms of asthma, bronchitis and angina.

Osteoarthritis Pains

A study concluded that Bromelane was as effective as some anti-inflammatory (non-steroidal) drugs in reducing pain associated with osteoarthritis. Therefore, it can be inferred that Bromelain can relieve the pain of osteoarthritis, but there is no doubt that more research is needed on this subject.

Lymph Edema

It has been stated by the Commission E (the commission responsible for the preparation and licensing of herbal preparations) of the German Ministry of Health that bromelain enzyme can be used against lymph edema.

Effect Against Cellulite Problem

Bromelain enzyme can be useful against cellulite problem as it breaks down the deformed collagen tissue surrounding fat cells and thus prevents fat storage.

Immune System

The enzyme Bromelain acts as an enzyme that protects the immune system and strengthens body resistance. Therefore, bromelain will be very effective in preventing diseases and diseases that may develop due to fatigue. Research shows that using the Bromelain pill boosts the immune system and lowers the percentage of disease caught during the year.

Absorption Of Certain Drugs

The enzyme Bromelain can increase the success rate of treatment by increasing the absorption of certain drugs, especially chemotherapy, antibiotics and some blood pressure drugs.

Relieves Menstrual Pain

Bromelain enzyme has the effect of reducing menstrual pain. However, since bromelain is a blood diluent, there are some opinions that it may also cause bleeding to multiply.

Allergic Symptoms

Use of Bromelain can be used to reduce allergic reactions. In this way, seasonal, food-related or different causes of disease and diseases can reduce the effects.

Effects of Bromelain for medical treatment purposes;

Laboratory studies on Bromelain have shown that it has a decreasing effect on blood clotting. It is used to prevent undesirable conditions that may occur due to coagulation after surgery.

Surgery, accidents, blows as a result of all kinds of injuries can cause inflammation in the injured area. Sometimes inflammation can occur in the body, such as in rheumatic diseases, without injury or microbe. Although mild inflammation is useful in wound healing, severe inflammation, pain, swelling, tissue damage and sequels cause damage. Bromelain is used in reducing these inflammation.

The collection of water in various parts of the body is called edema. Edema may have negative effects on recovery. Studies have shown that bromelain helps to remove edema fluid from the area and reduce swelling.

Recently, the use of plastic surgery after the swelling and bruising as it helps to decrease rapidly is also seen increase. After the surgery, the plastic surgeon recommends the use of bromelain for a faster recovery process.

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