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What Should Be Done To Make The Vagina Look Beautiful?

It is very important for women that the vagina looks beautiful. It should be noted that it is an effective issue in many aspects, from feeling better psychologically to being more confident during sexual intercourse. Therefore, having an aesthetically beautiful vagina is a common dream of women. When most women do not like their vagina appearance, they may experience problems such as sexual reluctance.
Nowadays, with the advancement of medical technology, brand new techniques have also been developed and simple structural problems in the vaginal area can now be eliminated by surgical interventions. In this way, a vaginal appearance that looks more aesthetically smooth and beautiful can be easily obtained. Of course, the smell of the vagina is an important detail. Having a nice-smelling vagina is more about cleaning the vagina in a correct and hygienic way than surgical intervention.

What Should Be Done To Make The Vagina Look Beautiful

How to Have a Healthy Vagina?

Of course, there is a relationship between having a healthy vagina and having a nice vagina smell. But fragrance does not mean that the vagina is healthy. There are many different health problems affecting the vaginal area, and not all of these health problems cause bad odor in the vagina. For this reason, the absence of bad odor should not be considered as the vagina is absolutely healthy. That is why it is very important not to disrupt routine gynecological examinations.
If you care about the health of the vagina as well as the beautiful appearance of the vagina, you need to take care of the regular and correct cleaning of the vagina. At this point, it is necessary to draw attention to some products used during vaginal cleaning. Using products such as poor quality cream, lotion, deodorant or washing gel may cause the pH balance of the skin to deteriorate. The pH value of the skin in the vagina area must remain between 3.5 and 4.5, and the use of poor quality products also disrupts the pH balance. This is also important in making the vagina look beautiful, because the deterioration of the pH balance of the skin can cause darkening, redness or irritation of the skin.
It is also not recommended to wash the vagina with very hot water. Washing with very hot water does not mean that the vagina smells good. In addition, it should not be forgotten that some vaginal deodorants used for fragrance may cause negative effects in this area. Continuous use of deodorant can adversely affect skin health and cause bad odor over time. This topic applies to all types of vagina.
Dr Ismet Yıldırım says…
Genital structure differs from woman to woman for many reasons. Race, weight, color, age, familial factors and hormonal status create these differences. In recent years, a lot of genital aesthetic operations have been performed. Especially vaginal tightening and operations related to lips are the operations we often do. The aim here is to make the woman feel better visually and to eliminate some problems related to the relationship.
We get very satisfactory results with the operation.
Genital area care and beauty is a very important issue. Vaginal infections in particular lead to unpleasant situations. Regular examination of the woman at regular intervals leads to the elimination of symptoms such as bad smell, burning, irritation and discoloration of the vagina flora.

What are the Types of Vagina?

What are the Types of Vagina
Vagina types can present different appearances in women. We can state that especially the appearance of the inner and outer lips also affects the appearance of the genital area in general. It is quite normal for the inner and outer lips to differ from each other in terms of both size and appearance. However, it is also obvious that some vagina shapes may cause discomfort in women in order to make the vagina look beautiful. At this point, genital aesthetic interventions come into play. In general, the types of vagina are as follows:

Asymmetrical Inner Lip

If one of the inner lips is longer than the other, it causes an asymmetrical appearance. This type of vagina is one of the most disturbing situations for women when it comes to looking beautiful vagina and it is possible to say that it is seen as common. With a simple intervention, a symmetrical appearance can be provided to the inner lips.

Curved Outer Lip

It is a type of vagina where the outer lips show a curved appearance. The outer lips cover the inner lips because in this type of vagina, the outer lips are quite plump.

Dominant Inner or Outer Lip

It is a type of vagina in the vagina where the inner lips or the outer lips show a much more dominant appearance. It is very common, and we can say that it is a type of vagina that women do not like. Because this dominant appearance can be corrected in the surgeries performed to make the vagina look beautiful.

Small Closed Lip

In this very rare type of vagina, the outer lips are small and the inner lips are also small because they are closed. This type of vagina is among the types of vagina that women want to have the most.

Small Open Lips

It is a type of vagina in which the outer lips are open. This type of vagina is also not very common.

Visible Inner Lips

Although it is a type of vagina where the inner lips are seen under the outer lips, it is a shape that women do not want much. This appearance can be corrected by labiaplasty operations. Vagina types do not have much to do with the nice smell of the vagina. If only the inner and outer lips are too saggy, it can sometimes cause bad odor in the vaginal area.

Ideal Vagina Examples

Ideal Vagina Examples
The types of vagina in women may differ from each other, and it is not true that one or more of these types are considered ideal. Although women like certain types of vagina more, the beautiful appearance of the vagina is not just about a uniform vagina appearance. However, if a generalization needs to be made, it is possible to state that the types of vagina in which the inner lips are not visible and the outer lips are not sagging and plump are more appreciated worldwide.

Vaginal  Enlargement After Sexual Intercourse?

Most women may be curious about the vagina enlargement as well as the vagina looks beautiful. The vagina can enlarge for a variety of reasons, but sexual intercourse is not one of these reasons. There may be enlargement in the connective tissue of the vagina due to reasons such as vaginal deliveries and entering the menopause period. The high number of sexual intercourse does not lead to an enlargement in this connective tissue. If you have a complaint such as vagina width, let us convey the information that vagina contraction can be performed along with surgical interventions to make the vagina look beautiful.

How Does Vaginal Stenosis Happen?

Vagina stenosis and vagina looking beautiful are different issues. Vaginal tightening surgery, which is performed in a single session, may be sufficient for the vagina to gain a narrower form. After this operation, which does not require clinical rest, patients can get rid of many problems caused by vaginal width. You can consult gynecologists and obstetricians on this issue and to make the vagina look beautiful.

What should be done to make the vagina smell nice?

It is extremely important to pay attention to vaginal cleaning and to clean the vagina properly. In order not to spoil the vagina flora and damage the pH of the skin, poor quality products should not be used. At the same time, changing the underwear every day and choosing underwear made from cotton fabrics are also important factors in terms of vaginal health. Sanitary pads or tampons should be changed frequently to prevent bad odor during menstrual periods.
Of course, it is also important not to disrupt routine gynecological examinations. Especially if you have complaints such as malodorous discharge from the vagina, you should definitely talk to your doctor without waiting for the control time. However, let's mention that you can benefit from surgical interventions to make the vagina look beautiful.
Complaints such as not being able to wear tight clothes, swimsuits and bikinis may occur due to sagging inner lips. It is possible to eliminate all these complaints with genital aesthetic operations and the disease also affects daily life comfort positively. There is no surgery to make the vagina smell nice, but surgical interventions can be used to make it look better.

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