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When Will The Coronavirus Outbreak End?

When Will The Covid-19 Infection and Its Spread End?

When Will The Coronavirus Outbreak End?

The Coronavirus outbreak has negatively affected every aspect of our lives in Türkiye for over 7 months. After emerging in Wuhan, China, the Coronavirus outbreak, which first spread to Europe and then to other continents, continues to affect all peoples of the world as of March 11, 2020, our country is fighting with great dedication. Our citizens, who are trying to follow the advice of experts as best they can to protect themselves from coronavirus, are wondering when the Coronavirus outbreak will end. With the course of the corona virus outbreak, positive developments are taking place in our country. Starting in mid-April, the downward movement of the table brought about normalization steps. From 1 June 2020, many restrictions were removed and steps were taken in the name of normalization.

Those seeking answers to the question of when the Coronavirus outbreak ends have turned their hopes to the vaccine to be found. The World Health Organization (who) has given bad news to those who expect hope. The corona virus will not disappear completely, said WHO member Dr. Mike Ryan explained about the new type of coronavirus that “in the current situation we are unlikely to eliminate this virus.”

The corona virus, which has cost nearly 570 thousand lives worldwide and negatively affects us in almost all areas of our lives, continues to take lives and spread throughout the world. Science has little argument against the new type of coronavirus. The vaccine against the Covid-19 virus is still ongoing, and there is still no mention of a one hundred percent effective vaccine against Corona.

Will the Coronavirus Outbreak Be Over?

Those who wonder when the Coronavirus outbreak will end, when it will be completely out of our lives, are locked in the explanations made by scientists. But scientists can't say for now something positive that the virus will come out in our lives, that life will return to its old norm. On the contrary, it is predicted that the new type of corona virus will not be able to completely disappear. The answer to the question is when the Coronavirus outbreak ends. It's from Mike Ryan.

World Health Organization officials said the virus could not be completely eradicated.

Speaking at an online briefing “We're unlikely to eliminate this virus in the current situation,” Mike Ryan said.

Second Wave Warning

Ryan noted that the world could survive a second wave or a second outbreak by complying with social distance rules and creating appropriate quarantine conditions.

Previous World Health Organization Statement on The Issue

As the world sought remedy for the cornavirus outbreak, the critical explanation came from the World Health Organization. Who chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan said it could take 5 years to get control of the coronavirus (Covid-19).Efforts to find both vaccines and medicines against the coronavirus, which affects the world, are under way.

The World Health Organization (who) has been critical of the issue. ​Speaking at a news conference via video conference, who chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan said it could take 4-5 years to get the coronavirus under control.

The most common symptoms of coronavirus are high fever, severe fatigue, shortness of breath and dry cough. While the majority of those caught may recover spontaneously without the need for treatment, some cases of Covid-19 can lead to death.

Infectious diseases specialist Professor Dr. Bülent Ertuğrul, said that "the general rule in infectious diseases, you become immune to the disease, or you become immune to a vaccine is a vaccine is made without them, the outbreak can't be said to be over" . Professor Dr. Bülent Ertuğrul, said: " in order to ensure social immunity, 70 percent of society needs to be infected. If the vaccine is to be found and used, it is predicted that there is a long process ahead of us. It has to wait until January 2021. We can catch the second wave in the fall, which could be stronger than the first wave. Loosening means that the epidemic spread rapidly in the social sense during this period. We have the outbreak under control, but we haven't finished it yet, the outbreak is not over until we have a vaccine, or until we have a cure for it, we won't be able to say that we have finished it completely".

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