Sunday, September 20, 2020

Ethnic Natural Rhinoplasty Operation

Ethnic and Natural Rhinoplasty

Ethnic nasal aesthetics are surgeries for noses with ethnic characteristics (thick skin, wide and flat nasal tip, flattened nasal bone, flattened nasal root, round nasal tip ...) and those with different features than classical rhinoplasty operations.

We performed ethnic rhinoplasty surgery on our patient, who came from Mexico and had a very wide cheek area, thick skinned nose tip and wide-slanted eye structure. You can see before and after in the video above and in the photos below. Especially in patients with a wide facial structure and slanted eye structure, excessive reduction of the nasal arch causes the flattened nasal bone structure to resemble the Asian facial structure when viewed from the front.

Most of the techniques presented for nose shaping and reaching the desired cosmetic result in the nose in patients with thick skinned ethnic nose features are inadequate. Surgical techniques applied are generally different from those in thin-skinned noses.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Thick Skin Nose Job,

Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Thick Skin Nose Job,

Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Thick Skin Nose Job,

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