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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Unknown Health Benefits of Black Tea

There Are Many Reasons To Drink Black Tea!

Health Benefits of Black Tea

Did you know that tea, which has been an indispensable drink of Anatolian soil for centuries. Black tea in Turkey is the most consumed types of tea. Breakfast indispensable for postprandial enjoy the most obvious name that is black tea, a very useful food for health. Tea grown as a plant is harvested and dried. The beverage obtained by boiling survived tea is called black tea. There are 3 types of tea: green, white and black. These teas vary depending on the soil seed and weather in which they grow. Black tea contains theine, caffeine, theophylline and antioxidants. To obtain the full benefits of black tea, which is effective for bone and dental health, it is recommended to be consumed without sugar. There is zero fat, carbohydrate and protein in tea. It protects the tooth structure when not sweetened with sugar. Black tea is mostly produced in the Black Sea in our country. In the world India, Sri Lanka, China, Turkey, Kenya, Indonesia, and Vietnam are grown in places like Malawi.

Health Benefits of Black Tea
Black tea is one of the drinks we consume at any time of the day, starting in the morning. Not only in Turkey, all of which have a high consumption rate in the world, let's see what are some benefits of black tea on our health.

Scientific research in recent years shows that black tea protects cardiovascular health, as well as reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. Also, black tea has a protective feature against cancer due to its antioxidant properties. It has been suggested that black tea, which also prevents hardening of the vessels, reduces the risk of kidney stones.

Black tea contains vitamins A, D and B12, as well as minerals such as Sodium and Potassium. When producing black tea, its leaves are more oxidized than other types of tea. Therefore, demi and taste are more intense, but there is some decrease in nutritional value due to this process.

Health Benefits of Black Tea

  • Black tea contains antioxidants. However, there are some important points for the antioxidants in black tea to emerge. If black tea is brewed at high temperatures, antioxidants are released. There are also some elements in black tea that prevent the release of antioxidants. One of them is to drink tea with milk, and the other is to use tea bags.
  • According to a 2009 study, people who drink 3 cups of tea a day have a lower risk of stroke and stroke. Better functioning heart: In a study conducted in 2009, people who drank 3-4 cups of black tea a day; When evaluated together with environmental factors, it reduced the risk of stroke by 21% compared to those who drink 1 cup a day. Another study conducted at Harvard showed that it can reduce the risk of heart attack by 44%. It can reduce the level of LDL cholesterol, which we call bad cholesterol, by 11%.
  • Protection against cancer: Studies have shown that polyphenols and catechins taken with black tea consumption have a protective effect against the formation of some cancer types. For example, it has been found that the occurrence of breast and ovarian (ovarian) cancer is reduced in women who regularly drink 2-3 cups of black tea a day. It can also reduce the development of lung cancer. The antioxidants in tea help prevent some types of cancer, especially ovarian cancer. Black tea with high polyphenol content is associated with preventing DNA damage. For this DNA damage caused by tobacco and other toxic substances, black tea should have a place in a diet supplemented with fruits and vegetables. It is easier to increase your antioxidant intake capacity by drinking tea with the addition of light and lemon.
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes: Studies conducted especially with elderly people living in the Mediterranean region have also emphasized the possibility that the formation of Type 2 diabetes can be reduced by 70% when 1-2 cups of black tea are consumed regularly. 
  • Black tea strengthens bones. With the phytochemicals found in black tea, it supports strong bones, contributes to bone density, and reduces the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis.
  • It has a calming effect. A cup of hot tea drunk after a busy day regulates stress hormones and increases concentration.
  • It strengthens the immune system and fights viruses. Black tea strengthens the immune system with its alkylamine antigens. Black tea fights viruses. This becomes a protective shield for your immune system.
  • It is good for stomach and intestinal diseases. In addition to enhancing the immune system, tannins in black tea also provide a healing effect on stomach and intestinal diseases and help reduce digestive system activity.
  • Positive effects on oral health. Research has revealed that black tea prevents the formation of caries and protects oral health. Studies have emphasized that black tea reduces the formation of plaque and restricts the growth of bacteria that cause caries. The polyphenols found in black tea prevent the bacteria in the oral cavity from forming dental plaque and the development of enzymes that cause stickiness.
  • It is recommended to drink black tea without sugar. On the other hand, you should not forget that too much of everything is harmful, and you should not overdo it while consuming black tea. However, experts state that sugar-free tea prevents the growth of bacteria on the tooth surface and reduces the number of infected cells in saliva. Experts state that sugar-free tea reduces bacteria on the surface of the tooth and infections in the salivary gland. Containing strong vitamins and minerals, black tea provides many benefits to human health when no sugar is added. This benefit of black tea, which is an indispensable beverage of Asian countries, is not known by most people. However, experts warn about one thing. Unsweetened and not too dark tea is beneficial for oral and dental health.
  • Provides weight control. While reducing the fat around the abdomen in particular, it supports fat burning and weight loss. It is as effective in slimming black tea as green tea. Black tea, which increases the energy level of the body, also gives a feeling of satiety. In this way, the desire to eat constantly during the day is reduced.
  • Reduces stress. L-theanine in black tea is the common result of studies that provide relaxation and better long-term concentration. It has been observed that when an average of 2-3 cups of black tea is consumed during the day, the level of cortisol, which is the stress hormone, decreases.
  • It increases energy. The low caffeine content in black tea compared to other beverages with high caffeine content helps blood flow and strengthens brain functions. It also stimulates the heart and kidneys with the metabolism and respiratory system. In researches, substances such as amino acids and theanine contained in tea are effective in the healthy functioning of the brain. It does not cause insomnia like tea that increases concentration.
  • Happiness factor. Doesn't it give you happiness when you brew black tea made from properly collected and dried tea leaves? And if he does this while maintaining all bodily functions. Therefore, it should choose the right brands, which are collected correctly....

Side Effects of Black Tea

When consumed excessively and unconsciously, tea has harm as every food. In particular, it prevents the absorption of iron in the blood. This causes the blood to decrease. In addition, when consumed excessively, it reduces blood pressure. People who consume tea mostly meet their water needs. However, tea does not meet the body's water needs. Kidney diseases are seen in some patients due to tea. 
  • You should prefer black tea that is safely collected, dried and packaged.
  • Do not drink dark and stale teas.
  • For people with iron deficiency, tea should not be drunk immediately after meals, and should wait at least 30 minutes.
  • The elderly, children and pregnant women should clearly prefer to drink tea with lemon, if possible.
  • Within the right eating habits, you can drink 3 to 5 cups of black tea a day.
  • drinking excessive tea can increase anemia due to iron deficiency
  • Drinking excessive black tea can cause palpitations
  • In some cases, it may slow blood clotting
  • It can cause problems in high blood pressure patients.
Experts recommend that children or pregnant women consume tea with lemon. It reduces the high caffeine in lemon tea.

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