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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Pregnancy and Cold Flu

Pregnancy and Cold Flu

Cold flu is caused by a virus, and the close contact with the infected people is main reason of transmission. The virus makes people sick in  2-4 days after ingestion. Muscle joint pain, high fever, chills, runny nose, sore throat, etc., and often gets healed spontaneously within 1 week. In low-body-resistant people (elderly, children, pregnancy, diabetes and kidney disease, cancer patients) the disease is bad progression and results in a heavier picture with the addition of a bacterial and fungal infection called a secondary infection. Treatment with antibiotics should be done in case of secondary infection.

Low body resistance to infection in pregnancy due to the hormonal effect makes pregnant woman sensitive. Its important to isolate pregnant from public places and keep them away from patients and children in epidemic situations. In case of disease ,high intake of fluid, protein-weighted diet, fever-reducing treatment is usually sufficient. The progression of the disease and the formation of secondary infection are easy. Antibiotic use should not be avoided if necessary. Abundant rest speeds healing. Herbal products are not suitable for use as they may cause contraction in the uterus. In case of malnutrition vitamin supplement can be made. If necessary some Antiviral drugs can be used in pregnancy. After complaints are rectified, the baby must undergo ultrasonographic examination ...

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