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Thursday, August 13, 2020

What is the IUD (Intrauterine Device)

IUD is one of the most preferred applications among birth control methods. Thanks to this method, which is applied by placing a small plastic material into the uterus, sperm cells cannot reach the ovum.

Even though it is possible for male reproductive cells to reach the ovum, the implantation of the fertilized ovum in the uterus is prevented due to the disruption of the uterine wall structure in the uterus, which is also called IUD. Reasons such as being economical, easy to apply and also not interacting with any drugs bring it to be used widely for intrauterine device.

What is the IUD

How to Attach the IUD?

IUD, one of the most preferred birth control methods in the world, also has different types of copper and hormones. Attaching the IUD is an application that is completed within 1 to 5 minutes. The IUD, which should be worn by the gynecologist and obstetrician, can be removed in a practical way when desired, and fertility is also restored with its removal.

Before installing this apparatus, the vaginal entrance must be cleaned with various solutions. Then, a speculum is inserted into the vaginal entrance so that the uterus can be seen, and the application is completed by placing the intrauterine device in the uterus. Attaching the IUD ensures that the contraceptive effect starts immediately. Attaching this apparatus is not as painful as it seems. There may be only a short-term and mild groin pain and this pain will go away by itself within a few days.

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What is the Structure of the IUD?

It has a IUD T-shaped structure made of plastic or metal material, approximately 2 to 3 cm long. There is barium sulfate in the outer part of the IUD, which has a suitable shape and suitable dimensions for the inner wall in the uterus. There are ropes at the lower end of this apparatus, which can be surrounded by copper wire. These ropes, on the one hand, allow to understand whether there is an intrauterine device slippage during the controls, on the other hand, they also allow this apparatus to be easily removed.

What is the Mechanism of Action of the IUD?

What is the Mechanism of Action of the IUD

The effect of this apparatus on the body is due to the body perceiving it as a foreign substance. The IUD shows a local reaction because the body perceives it as a foreign substance. This reaction prevents male reproductive cells from attaching to the inner wall of the uterus. In this way, sperm cells cannot reach the ovum and fertilization does not occur. At the same time, because the IUD causes a deterioration in the inner wall structure of the uterus, the implantation of the fertilized ovum in the uterus is prevented.

How Long Does The IUD Have Time-Saving Effect?

One of the most curious issues is the IUD and protection time. However, depending on which type of IUD is preferred, the protection time may also change. For example, we can say that the protection period of IUD containing progesterone hormone is around 3 years. The protection period of copper-containing IUD varies between 5 years and 10 years.

However, it should be noted that the brand of these apparatuses is also effective on the protection period, as the manufacturing companies use different amounts of copper or hormones in the production of intrauterine devices. By not interrupting the routine controls and conveying the complaints about the IUD to the gynecology and obstetrician, if any, the protection period offered by the IUD can be used to the maximum extent.

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What is the intrauterine device protection rate?

The reason why the IUD is widely preferred not only in our country but also in the world is its extremely high rate of protection. Because ria offers 98% protection. Only 2 out of every 100 women who choose this birth control method get pregnant. The duration of protection may vary depending on the content and also depending on the brand. The IUD, which contains progesterone hormone and thus protects against pregnancy, offers approximately 3 years of protection. Copper-containing products have a protection period between 5 years and 10 years.

The reason why the protection provided by the IUD expires at the end of this period is the exhaustion of the material contained in it. For example, the hormone containing IUD loses its peogesterone effect after about 3 years. Therefore, it cannot affect sperm cells and prevent fertilization. However, if the protection period of the IUD expires, it is not necessary to choose a different contraceptive method. Expired ria can be removed and a new one can be inserted immediately. In fact, there is no need to rest the uterus, ie wait.

When Can The IUD Be Installed?

In general, there is no need to wait for any period of time for IUD insertion. It can be applied easily in a period when you are sure that there is no pregnancy. However, we can state that the IUD can be attached much more easily in the first days of menstrual bleeding. The reason for this is that the cervix is ​​a little more open when the menstrual bleeding begins compared to the non-menstrual period. This makes it easier to attach the apparatus. At the same time, an intrauterine device can be applied immediately after abortion, abortion or delivery.

How Much Are IUD Prices 2020?

How Much Are IUD Prices 2020

As we mentioned before, IUD can be produced by different brands. At the same time, the substance it contains can be hormone or copper. All this brings the prices to fluctuate. Therefore, talking about a net price or a price range can be misleading.

But overall, IUD is one of the most affordable birth control methods. An extremely low budget will be enough to take advantage of the protection provided by the IUD. In addition, the fact that it offers long-term protection makes this method a more economical option than many birth control methods.

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Can Pregnancy Develop During The Use Of IUD?

You should not expect 100% protection from any birth control method. Because although the IUD protection effect is extremely high, it is not a method that can offer 100% protection. Although there is a low probability of 2%, pregnancy may occur during the use of the IUD. At the same time, sometimes a situation such as the IUD slipping from where it should be, that is to change its position may develop, and this causes the effect of the IUD to decrease. Therefore, the decrease in its effect means that the pregnancy risk is much higher than 2%.

Things to Consider for Women Using IUD

First of all, it should be noted that the use of IUD does not offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases. This apparatus only provides protection against the possibility of pregnancy.

Although it is 2%, it should not be forgotten that there is a risk of pregnancy. In case of pregnancy symptoms, a pregnancy test must be done.

Women using the IUD should also not interfere with their routine gynecological exams, as well as regular smear tests.

If you experience conditions such as high fever, pain and cramps that do not pass or increase in intensity in the groin, and foul-smelling discharge after inserting the IUD, you should inform your doctor immediately.

If there is bleeding during or after sexual intercourse after the IUD, if you have menstrual irregularity that continues for more than 3 months, you should inform your doctor about this.

If you cannot feel the thread of the IUD, you should consult your doctor.

You do not necessarily have to give birth to use this method of birth control. Let us point out that women who have never given birth can also wear the IUD.

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