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Monday, February 6, 2017

Lumbar Spinal Surgery with Microsurgery Method

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The nerves that come out of the spinal column with surgery on the waist. The mechanical prints are removed. If there is no surgical intervention and the sinister continues, problems such as incontinence in the patient, loss of sexual power, paralysis in the feet may develop. Unfortunately, there are beliefs such as injuries to the public, disability for long periods of sleep, repetition of hearts or stomachs to wear corsets, reoperation, etc. Microsurgery does not need such fears.

Microdiscectomy is the most common surgical treatment used in the lumbar hernia. Discectomy is done to remove the herniated disk parts and deformed parts, to relieve the pressure on the nerve root and to relieve the pain.

The disc surgeon removes some ligament and bone material with a 3-5 cm incision in the skin on the upper part of the spine and removes the disc parts from the center.

In microdiscectomy the skin junction is much smaller (1-2 cm). Less eyebrows, less bone is taken. Since the microdisketomy is made for the microscope and for the microsurgical instrument, the possibility of nerve damage is very low. After surgery, the patient returns to daily life more quickly.

Our microdisks are a general anesthetic. It is made from a 1-2 cm cut. The cervix has been opened to the extent that the spinal column is affected. The eyebrows are affected, drained from the bones underneath and over the eye, the spinal cord, nerves and herniated disc are clearly visible in the vertebrae with 20 to 40 magnification of the surgical field with the surgical microscope. The crotch is covered with a more inner suture and a small dressing is made on it. By microsurgical method applied in the lumbar spine, patients can go up to their feet six to seven hours after surgery and go to their homes after walking and sleeping in the hospital for one night.

What is the Advantages of Microdiscectomy Method According to Classic Belt Surgery?

- The length of stay at the hospital is short
- The patient's pain is very low after surgery
- Blood loss is less than the risk of infection
- The risk of recurrence is less.
- Passing daily life in less time

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