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Monday, March 12, 2018

Medical Care After Genital Aesthetic Operation in İstanbul / Turkey

Medical Care After Genital Esthetic

Genital aesthetics are one of the wide surgeries conducted on women after breast and nose surgeries. Abnormal styling, especially after giving birth is corrected by genital aesthetic surgery. In older ages, sagging in the urinary tract and deformities on the inner lips are corrected with vaginal narrowing operations.
Generally, the patient may stay in the hospital for 1-2 days and there is not much pain after the procedure. Regular dressing in the hospital environment can easily be done by the patient after discharge. For 1 week, antimicrobial and healing accelerating solutions may be used. The patient can take a shower 3 days after the procedure. Usually the sutures dissolve on their own. Checkings are to be done after 1 week. Completely healing time lasts about 1 month.

Medical Care After Genital Esthetic in İstanbul / Turkey

At the end of the first month, the checking procedure to be done. To see if there is any asymmetry is checked and whether to observe if the healing is complete. In certain cases where there is an abnormal healing, local procedures (Filler, Electric cautery, etc.) can be applied.
Sexual intercourse is allowed 1 month after the procedure. Necessary measures are taken in case of any difficulties during intercourse. Genital aesthetic operations provide enough answers to women's wishes and provide psychological comfort.

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