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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Patient Satisfaction After Rhinoplasty

The Most Likely Patient To Be Happy After Surgery Is The Patients Who Want To Have A Nose That Suits Their Face!

Patient Satisfaction After Rhinoplasty
If the patient wants a nose according to the proportions on his face after surgery, it will increase the motivation and courage of the surgeon. Serious disappointments can occur in patients who want to have surgery by imagining an appearance that is not realistic and has very serious changes in the face. The purpose of the surgery should be “to have a nose that suits the face and breathes.” Since the result of each surgical intervention is not certain, the patient also wants everything and practices that can take the nose out of naturalness can lead to permanent and irreconcilable problems.

How should the doctor choose in nose aesthetics?

The most important and difficult part in nasal plastic surgery is the choice of a doctor. Nasal plastic surgery is a special area that requires a fine surgical ability, as well as an aesthetic point of view and experience in facial analysis. Your doctor's experience with the results obtained in previous surgeries, his approach to nose-to-face adjustment, the number and variety of surgeries he has performed so far is very important. Nasal plastic surgery is a procedure that requires long follow-up after surgery and we recommend that the healing process be under the control of your doctor. Therefore, your communication with your doctor and your doctor's approach to you are very important.

Beware of misinformation on the Internet and social media!

Rhinoplasty In Istanbul,Patient Satisfaction After Nose Aesthetic,
Currently, access to information has become very easy through the internet, but information pollution has increased. Forum sites are an area where the comments of patients who share their experiences with open volunteerism can be accessed, as well as for advertising purposes and may cause misleading actions that may lead to your misdirection. When choosing your doctor, you should definitely meet with him and talk about your concerns one-on-one after the examination and, if possible, request to see the results of previous surgeries.

Another suggestion for your nose surgeon at the decision-making stage is to consult your doctor and his team in the operating room of the hospital where he constantly performs surgery. Although this is a more complicated and difficult method, it is a method where you can get much clearer information.

Is a second operation (revision) necessarily necessary after rhinoplasty?

After rhinoplasty (rhinoplasty), a second operation, which we call revision, may be needed at an average rate of ten to twenty percent. This need can be in question even after the operations of doctors who are very experienced in rhinoplasty.

Although doctors want to correct all the problems in nasal plastic surgery, if undesirable results have emerged after the operation, a second intervention may be required in accordance with the necessary needs when the patient is re-evaluated after all the swelling has landed (an average of 1 year after the operation). A thorough interview with the patient before nasal plastic surgery is essential for successful rhinoplasty and patient satisfaction. Informing the patient in detail before rhinoplasty surgery, illuminating them to the slightest detail about the problems that may occur, largely eliminates the dissatisfaction that may occur after surgery. The most important point in preoperative interviews is the complete disclosure of the patient's expectations and the problems that the patient wants to correct. Another important point is to identify the properties that it wants to protect..

In a nasal Aesthetic Surgery with the goal of achieving a result that will coincide with the likes and expectations of the patient, society and the surgeon, the surgeon considers the relationship of the nose with other structures of the face, taking into account certain proportions and angles, in order to create the nose that is ideal for that patient. However, in addition to all these measures and ratios, the surgeon must correctly understand what the patient wants and expectations. This condition is undoubtedly the most important point of a successful operation.

In preoperative interviews, all the expectations of patients are revealed in detail, and the doctor also transfers a number of factors related to the patient to the patient while answering these expectations. For example, details are discussed with the patient that an ideal result may not be achieved after rhinoplasty surgery in a patient with thick skin, and the patient's expectations may not be fully met. In these interviews, patients are informed that a smaller-scale revision, which we call Touch Surgery, may be needed to improve the outcome of rhinoplasty surgery. After the patient fully understands what the doctor can do, the benefits that he can gain from rhinoplasty surgery, and all the problems that may develop, he performs the operation.

Criteria for successful rhinoplasty operation

Rhinoplasty is a really subtle operation performed on the human body. There are many criteria for achieving a successful result after surgery.

  • How the nose suits a person's face,
  • Aesthetic as well as natural appearance
  • Healthy breathing
  • Left and right sides of the nose in symmetry,
  • The result is permanent for many years without deforming
  • The patient's comfort during the healing process is also an important criterion.
  • No pain after surgery, no tampons and no complaints of nasal congestion
  • After surgery, the swelling and bruising remain at a minimum level and the person can quickly return to their normal life

In order for all these criteria to be met at the same time, the surgeon must have knowledge, experience and ability. And it should also be able to blend all these features from an aesthetic point of view.

Another criterion that indicates the success of the surgeon is that he can achieve successful results on noses of different characteristics.

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