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Monday, June 10, 2019

Season Selection and Resting Time For Rhinoplasty Operation

Best Season For Nose Aesthetic Operation

Which Month is Better For Rhinoplasty Operation

For years, you think, nose aesthetic surgery .. As a result of your research, you will think about the surgery you have done one or two examinations and interviews with your doctor. You received the answers to your questions .., You made your decision .. Analysis, examinations are carried out, details of the surgery plan are discussed; Another subject that is in the mind of people who will have nose surgery is the time of this operation.  Aesthetic surgery operations are the applications that complete the psychology of people and provide the desired change to the regions where they have problems in relation to their external appearance. In addition, when people feel ready, have the necessary information and financial resources, they can enter the operation, and it is important to follow the advice of their doctors on a seasonal basis.

It is best not to choose "August" which is the hottest month

Summer season is also an active period in terms of health tourism. An intervention in the face area is to protect the area where the bruise is to protect from the sun. The purpose of the sun protection is not the operation performed, but redness and bruising. For example, if the patient has had nasal esthetics and there is some bruising in their custody, which is not the case with our latest techniques, the area with bruising should not be exposed to the sun and preservatives should be used. If you want to have a rhinoplasty operation in Istanbul, it is best not to choose "August" which is the hottest month.

Season Selection and Resting Time For Rhinoplasty Operation

Allergic patients may have troubles in the spring season ...

Spring, which is a season in which all kinds of aesthetic operations can be performed easily, may not be suitable especially for nose operations in people with severe allergic structure. Early use of cortisone nasal sprays after rhinoplasty is unsuitable and many allergy medications can cause nasal dryness.

Every season has its pros and cons ... 

In summer operations; I recommend my patients once a year to complete their holidays and then perform their operations. Patients should pay attention to some points before surgery. E.g; seasons ... Every season has its plus and minus. The patient complaining of tingling in the operation area during the winter months may have bloating complaints in the summer. Therefore there are some considerations. After the nose operations, it is appropriate to swim from the 3rd week. However, it is ideal to avoid sunbathing at noon in the early postoperative period (the first 3 weeks).

Best Seasons For Nose Aesthetic Operations: Autumn and Winter

People who want to undergo aesthetic surgery, aesthetic surgery should be done in which period should be careful. The conditions under which the operation will be performed, how and by whom, and in which period it will be carried out are very important. The aesthetic operations performed may vary according to the season. Being conscious about this issue is extremely important for patient health. The effects of the seasonal operation vary. The best season for the operation is autumn and winter.

Nose aesthetic operation in summer

Many people find it appropriate to spend a summer vacation to find aesthetic operation. However, aesthetic operation in this season does not make much sense. In the post-aesthetic recovery period, one should stay as far away from the sun as possible, so the autumn and winter seasons become more appropriate for the post-operative recovery period and maintenance. People who do not have time problems should avoid choosing summer for a healthier aesthetic operation.

Rhinoplasty in winter and autumn season

Particularly in winter and autumn season, the information about the healthier operations, and those who want to have more healthy information has been started to increase. The fact that the effect of the operation is not diminished and healthier results have been very effective in the preferences. People who want their skin to appear healthier and smoother have started to prefer these seasons in general. We recommend that our patients who are meticulous in every subject have aesthetic operations in these seasons. The effects of each operation may vary according to the season.

Your job status

If you are working, you should talk to your supervisor / boss in your workplace - for permission or for a report - the average time that you will give yourself 5-6 days (7 or 10 days, you can also get a report). If it is your own business, you can decide for yourself which month will be the average week.
On the 7th post-operative day, you can usually go back to work (there will be a few bandages on the nose until the 10th postoperative day. You can work without bending your head and without getting tired.). however, it may be appropriate to stay away from the workplace for another 2-3 days if it is a tiring, standing run or if you want to rest. If you don't work, you can consider nose aesthetic operation at any time.

So, in which months nose surgery is performed? In summer, can a nose surgery be performed?

In winter, nasal aesthetic surgery is preferred (to prevent the holidays from being affected). I know that some people don't want to have a nose surgery because of the hot summer sunshine and holiday period. However, this idea, which may have been more accurate many years ago, has lost its validity. This is due to the fact that the post-operative start-up process is much more comfortable, short (as a result of surgical techniques and developments in anesthesia approach), the presence of cooled spaces, and more conscious adherence to many recommendations such as not being under extreme heat. Therefore, the desired month (no matter what season), aesthetic nose surgery; if there is no reason to create a special obstacle ...

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