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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Tertiary Revision Rhinoplasty With Rib Cartilage For Male Patient

Tertiary Revision Nose Aesthetic Operation in Istanbul

Revision rhinoplasty operations are difficult and sometimes very complicated surgeries, which consist of combining different surgical techniques, can change the surgical plan completely during the operation. As can be seen in the video here, we performed the third revision rhinoplasty operation using scraps of cartilage on the patient who had previously undergone a rhinoplasty operation in another clinic twice and who had various aesthetic / functional problems. Nasal problems that the patient particularly complains of:

- drooping nasal tip
- asymmetrical nasal tip, especially the lower right wing
- insufficient air removal from the left nostril (nasal valve problem)
- asymmetrical areas on the nose

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As seen at the end of the video, we have applied different cartilage grafts for all these problems.

During the suturing of the cartilage grafts, completely self-absorbable suture materials were used in order to minimize the risk of foreign body rection. Basket stitches hanging from the outside of the nose were used to fix the cartilage grafts. After the procedure, a slight upward and forward elevation at the tip of the nose, improvement in the collapsed area on the right nasal wing and the disappearance of asymmetric light refractions on the back of the nose can be seen.

Minimal surgical trauma and minimal risk are the main goals in revision nose job operations. In patients, it is not always possible to achieve full symmetry with a single operation. Cartilage and bone memory can affect the result during healing.

You can see more detailed information about revision rhinoplasty at >> Revision Rhinoplasty in Istanbul

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