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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Tongue Tie - Ankyloglossia Surgery With Thermal Welding System Videos

Lingual Frenectomy in Istanbul

Video 1

Video 2

About Tongue Tie Surgery

Ankyloglossia,Tongue Tie  Surgery Doctor in Istanbul,
Tongue tie operation can usually be performed for feeding problems in infants and speech problems (articulation problems) in older children. There is a lot of different and new information about tongue tie, also known as hypertrophic lingual frenulum or Ankyloglossia. It is important to meet with a physician who is interested in the subject and to get information about the techniques used in treatment. There are many physicians and clinics dealing with tongue tie treatment in Turkey. Generally, devices such as laser, scissors, electrocautery, thermal welding can be used during tissue cutting.

Heat cutting devices "can cause nerve damage"!

Especially the device and incision technique used while making the incision are very important. During the tongue tie operation, while devices such as laser, electrocautery, radiofrequency that can cause serious heat are used, it should be noted that various nerve damage may occur in the areas adjacent to the incision. The thermal welding device has a technology that reduces the heat dissipation to the adjacent area during the incision.

The cost of the tongue tie operation in Istanbul

Generally, the operation fees vary between 500-1500 US dollars depending on the hospital and the materials used.

Is general anesthesia necessary for tongue tie operation?

This operation can be performed under local anesthesia in office conditions and under sedation anesthesia in patient conditions. It is not always necessary to perform under general anesthesia.

Is stitching necessary during the tongue tie operation?

As seen in the video above, removing a triangular piece of tissue from under the tongue (tongue tie tissue) (lingual frenectomy) and then suturing the mucosa is beneficial for speech performance and healing in the vertical plane of the wound. After a simple tongue tie incision, reclosing and partial regrowth of the tongue tie may occur.

Ankyloglossia,Tongue Tie  Surgery Doctor in Istanbul,

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