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Monday, December 4, 2017

Abortifacient - Common Gynecological Problems


There is a misbelief amongst people that there are some medicals in use to make abortion. There is absolutely no medicine use for abortion. There is only one way to perform abortion is after diagnose the certainity of pregnancy and gestational sac verified in ultrasonography, termination of pregnancy in surgically under anesthesia.

In the past, with the purpose of terminating pregnancy, experimental medicine have been used, but since remainings being left and bleeding problems observed yield by this medicine. Therefore usage of medicine is not appropriated. We have some medicals to ease the practise.
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Common Gynecological Problems

1-) Menstrual irregularities:
Menstrual irregularities can be seen in women every period of time from puberty to menopause. Stiffness, stress, weight loss, physical fatigue, air exchange, microbial diseases of the uterus and ovaries, egg cysts and fibroids in the uterus can cause irregularities. Menstrual periods can be delayed, it is important to see early menstruation. Diagnosis and treatment are performed by gynecological examination and ultrasonographic examination.

2-) Ovarian Cyst:
From puberty to menopause, eggs may come into the cysts filled with fluid or blood. As age progresses, the risk of cysts becoming malignant increases. Cysts, especially 5 cm in diameter, may be an appropriate option because of the high probability of an explosion. There are also some blood tests that are applied to understand the cause of the cysts.

3-) Myom in the Uterus:
It is a benign tumor, especially after 35 years of age. It is 3-4 in every 10. Excessive bleeding, pain, abortion, premature labor, can also compress the organs around. Myom surgery is an appropriate treatment method in cases of excessive bleeding. After 40 years of age, women with myomas usually have a uterine complex.

4-) Vagina and Uterine Microbial Diseases:
Vagina, the uterus and ovaries due to different microbes, inflammation is to come to the scene. Currents, bleeding, pain, smell, high fever may occur. Some microbial conditions can also be transmitted by association, so treatment of the spouse is necessary. Appropriate antibiotic treatment is performed according to the type of infection.

5-) Menopause:
It is the period in which the estrogen hormone is not produced due to the end of fertile cells in the ovaries. Fever, insomnia, nervousness, night sweats, weakness of concentration, forgetfulness, and bone erosion (osteoporoz) in the coming period. It is estrogen hormone supplementation in women who are suitable for menopause treatment.

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