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Monday, August 17, 2020

What is Vaginismus? Why Does It Happen? How to Solve?

Vaginismus is generally an inability  to have sexual intercourse. Vaginismus treatment protocol to be applied may vary depending on the patient's condition. At the same time, the most appropriate treatment option is preferred depending on the type of disabling disease. Sometimes, just giving information to the patient can provide much more successful results than treatment.
However, we should also mention that the treatment requires teamwork, and the patient may need cognitive and behavioral therapy after gynecological examination by gynecologists and obstetricians. However, let's add information that the prices of vaginismus treatment are not as high as thought.

What is Vaginismus

What Causes Vaginismus? 

Of course, before the treatment of inability to have sexual intercourse, it is necessary to determine the factor or elements that cause this discomfort. In general, the inability to have intercourse disease is evaluated in 2 different frameworks in terms of cause. These; structural reasons and psychological reasons.

  • Structural Causes
  • Short vagina
  • Having a septum in the vagina
  • If the hymen is hard or thick
  • Bartholin's cyst
  • Vaginal infection
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Vulvar vestibulitis disease
  • Psychological Causes
  • Fear of the first night
  • Misinformation from the environment
  • Thought that sexual intercourse is a painful act
  • Previous sexual abuse
  • Thoughts such as insufficient self-esteem, dislike of your body
  • If there is a disease of inability to have intercourse due to structural reasons, a vaginismus treatment procedure should first be applied to eliminate these structural factors.

What are the symptoms of vaginismus?

What are the symptoms of vaginismus
Generally, the inability to have sex can manifest itself with different symptoms. However, the common situation is inability to have sexual intercourse or difficulty in intercourse due to involuntary vaginal contractions. In some patients, sexual intercourse may be painful. Because vaginismus treatment is applied by taking into account the symptoms of the patient.
In this way, the treatment of inability to have sexual intercourse is completed as soon as possible, and it is aimed to eliminate all of the troubles experienced by the patient. Thanks to the very low vaginismus treatment prices, all patients can have a comfortable sexual life by taking advantage of the treatment options. The most common symptoms of the disease can be listed as follows:
  • Inability to have sexual intercourse due to fear
  • Having sexual intercourse but experiencing pain
  • Sudden vaginal contraction after foreplay and difficulty in intercourse
  • Sudden shivering, spasm, leaving the intercourse position before intercourse
  • Being able to have sexual intercourse by force in only one or a few positions
  • Inability to have a gynecological examination
  • Don't be afraid of using pads or tampons
  • Not being able to touch or even look at the vagina
  • Loss of sexual desire
  • Don't be afraid of seeing the partner's body naked, don't be shy

Who Has The Problem Of Not Having Sex?

Studies reveal that the incidence of the disease is higher in some societies due to cultural reasons. We can say that it is a common disease in our country. There may also be some characteristic features in patients who usually receive vaginismus treatment. For this reason, we can give the following answer to the question of who is more common in having sexual intercourse disease:
  • People with many fears (darkness, heights, blood, loneliness, bugs, etc.)
  • People with a low body pain threshold
  • People with excessive self-control
  • People with extreme difficulty trusting others
  • People with a history of sexual abuse
  • People who have been brought up under extreme pressure by their family
  • Persons raised under strict moral and religious rules
  • People who do not have the features listed above can also be treated for vaginismus due to this discomfort. For example, vaginismus disease can be seen after sexual abuse in a woman who has a problem-free sexual life.

What are the Diagnostic Methods?

First of all, making the right choice among the vaginismus treatment methods depends on clearly determining the causes of the disease. Gynecological examination is required for diagnosis. Gynecological examination can be alarming for patients, but we must state that this examination is essential for the treatment of vaginismus.
It is important that the patients are comfortable during the examination, which will take a few minutes at most. Unnecessary panic and fear may prolong the examination period and make the diagnosis of an inability to have sex difficult. It should also be noted that no tools were used during the examination, and this examination never pained the patient.
After a simple observation examination, the patient's complaints are also listened to and the patient's complaints are also important in the diagnosis of the inability to have sex. At this stage, you should not hesitate to share your troubles with your doctor.

How Does Vaginismus Treatment Work?

How Does Vaginismus Treatment Work
The patient's willingness to be treated, cleansing himself of all negative thoughts is considered as the first step in the treatment of inability to have sexual intercourse. If a physical factor is detected in the gynecological examination, this factor is eliminated. 

Apart from this, vaginismus treatment can be done with different methods depending on how the patient experiences this problem. We can say that exercises are also of great importance in treatment. General exercises can be:
  • Mirror exercise
  • Massage
  • Kegel exercise
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation
  • Finger exercises
  • dilator
Your doctor decides which of the exercises and exercises listed above will be done, and vaginismus treatment is also supported by exercise programs. The support of spouses is also needed in order to achieve a successful result with cognitive and behavioral treatment methods. It is possible to say that the treatment can be determined completely specific to the patient.
Not all types of treatment are suitable for every patient. Finger exercises can be unattractive for some patients and this can even cause them to stop treatment. In some patients, dilator studies are seen more unattractive. As a result, the treatment may not be applied in the same way, just as the inability to have intercourse disease does not proceed the same in every individual.
What is included within the scope of the treatment affects the prices of vaginismus treatment. However, exercises are generally self-administered methods. Therefore, it cannot be said that the recommended exercises affect the prices. Different factors determine treatment fees.

What is Secondary Vaginismus?

Vaginismus, that is, the inability to have intercourse disease is divided into 2. These are primary and secondary vaginismus. Of course, the treatment of inability to have sexual intercourse can be applied differently in both. The primary type is the contraction of the vagina during the first sexual intercourse and the absence of sexual intercourse. Vaginal contraction is a characteristic symptom of this type.
The secondary is to get vaginismus disease after a situation experienced by a woman whose sexual life is normal. This is usually painful sexual intercourse, abortion, a forced labor or sexual abuse. Fear is also the basis of the secondary type, and vaginismus treatment can be performed with therapy support. Of course, the prices of vaginismus treatment also vary in this case.

Prices of Vaginismus Treatment

First of all, vaginismus treatment prices are variable. Because vaginismus treatment can be done by many different methods. Sometimes surgery and sometimes therapies can accompany the treatment. Therefore, the prices of vaginismus treatment also vary by being affected by these factors. 

Although it consists of reasonable numbers in general, we can say that the severity of the disease also affects the prices of vaginismus treatment. However, the following should not be forgotten; The inability to have sex can be treated 100% and patients can have a comfortable sexual life in a short time.

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