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Friday, August 2, 2019

What is Ectopic Pregnancy? Treatment in istanbul Turkey

What is ectopic pregnancy? fertilized egg is located in a different place outside the uterus.
It is most commonly observed to be placed in tubes. The fertilized egg cannot reach the uterine cavity for various reasons and settles in an area outside the uterus.
In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnancy symptoms are experienced normally.
Therefore, menstrual delay, positive pregnancy test, nausea, breast tenderness symptoms may occur.
However, as the pregnancy begins to grow into the tubes, the tubes stretch. Therefore, tearing and bleeding may occur.
It is very important to treat this condition at an early stage.

Ectopic Pregnancy

What are the causes of ectopic pregnancy?

Mild obstructions in the tubes or factors limiting the ability of the tubes to move can lead to ectopic pregnancy.
In particular, previous infections pave the way for ectopic pregnancy. Infections cause tissue damage.
Depending on the number and severity of previous infections, adhesions may occur in the tubes.
If these adhesions completely block the tubes and prevent sperm passage, infertility may occur.
However, slight adhesions also occur in fertilization but can occur in tubes. Therefore, ectopic pregnancy may occur.
In addition, previous surgical operations may cause adhesion.
If the woman has a history of ectopic pregnancy, the risk may be higher.

What are the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy?

In the early stages of ectopic pregnancy, normal pregnancy symptoms are observed.
A woman's menstrual period is delayed and nausea may occur. Pregnancy test may be positive in urine.
In addition, pain and abnormal vaginal bleeding may occur in the lower abdomen. Because of such symptoms, a woman who is admitted to a doctor can be diagnosed.

In addition, if the ectopic pregnancy does not show signs of bleeding, fainting or pain, it can be diagnosed by pregnancy test.
If the blood or urine test shows that the woman is pregnant but there is no pregnancy sac on the ultrasound, it may be an ectopic pregnancy.
Then, vaginal ultrasound can detect the pregnancy product in the ovary region.

If there are no signs of bleeding, blood bhCG values ​​are checked. This can make the diagnosis.
If these values ​​are high but there is no pregnancy sac on transvaginal ultrasound, the suspicion increases.
In addition, early pregnancy, risk of miscarriage, acute appendicitis, pelvic inflammation should also be considered and diagnosed.

What are the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment

If ectopic pregnancy has caused tube rupture or internal bleeding, surgical intervention is the only effective treatment.
At this stage, it is aimed to clear the ectopic pregnancy by laparoscopic method or open surgery.
If the patient's condition is appropriate, the procedure can be performed by preserving the tubes.
However, it may be necessary to remove the tubes in various cases.

Causes and Solutions of Ectopic Pregnancy

If there is no rupture, but if the necessary conditions are present, close follow-up of the patient may be sufficient before applying surgery.
In part of ectopic pregnancies, the pregnancy product does not tear the tubes and does not grow enough to cause bleeding.
In this case, the voided pregnancy product can be absorbed by the body or removed from the body by bleeding.

In such cases, surgical procedures are not necessary. This eliminates the risk of complications related to the operation.
However, in various cases ultrasound can detect the pregnancy product in the tube. However,
if the baby does not have any heartbeat or signs of viability, surgical procedures are not necessary.
Treatment methods are decided according to the patient's condition.

What are rare forms of ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy usually settles in tubes. However, it may rarely be located outside the tubes.
In various cases, pregnancy in the tube results in miscarriage after a while. The pregnancy product then falls into the abdominal cavity.
He may not lose his vitality yet. Therefore, it can settle in the area where it falls. It can also occur in the ovaries and cervix outside the tubes.

In our clinic, best treatment of ectopic pregnancy is the laporoscopic way. Because of rapid recovery and less pain make popular the laporoskopic surgery.

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