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Friday, October 2, 2020

What Is A Wound In The Cervix? (Servical Erosion) How Is It Treated?

cervicitis often develops due to infection and can be defined as inflammation of the cervical tissue. It can also occur after irritation or trauma and is commonly manifested by vaginal discharge. Treatment can be done with simple surgical interventions, and after a short recovery period, it is possible for the patient to return to his daily life. We can state that all women with active sex lives are suitable candidates for this ailment.

Cervical Erosion

Is There Really A Wound In The Cervical Mouth?

Wound in the cervix, which is common in the society, is among the problems frequently encountered by gynecologists and obstetricians. What is called "wound" among the people is actually the formation of a red and rough appearance in this area. The squamous epithelial cells of the vagina change due to various reasons such as irritation, trauma or infection, and this change causes a rough surface appearance in the cervix. Sometimes, the cervix can be bloody and velvety.

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Why Does Cervical Wound (Cervicitis) Occur?

It is still not known exactly which factors cause scar formation in the cervix. However, it should be noted that infection is an extremely active factor. This problem often arises as a result of infections that develop in the cervical region due to various factors. Generally, 3 microorganisms can cause cervicitis. These;

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Trichomonas

However, we can state that frequent sexual intercourse is among the causes of cervicitis. The hormonal changes in the body can also lead to such a result. In recent years, it has been understood that some chemical factors also cause scar formation in the cervix. This discomfort can occur in women, especially due to the chemical substances on the condom. As a result of the allergic reactions of the body to some substances, sores can occur in the cervix area.


What Symptoms Does Cervical Sore Cause?

What Symptoms Does Cervical Sore Cause

First of all, it should be noted that the symptoms of the wound in the cervix do not have specific features. Since symptoms that can occur in many different conditions are observed, it can only cause discharge in the patient. Because it does not cause a different complaint, it is sometimes diagnosed during routine control examinations.

Because discharge is not a symptom that patients take too seriously. Since the discharge that occurs after the menstrual period is often not considered as a disease precursor, patients do not need to consult a doctor. This situation turns into an important obstacle to early diagnosis in many diseases. However, vaginal discharge is the most important symptom of cervicitis.

Although there are no symptoms in mild cases, we can list the symptoms of cervicitis in general as follows:

  • Bleeding during or after sexual intercourse if the wound is large
  • Bleeding in the form of spotting outside the menstrual period
  • A burning sensation during urination
  • Itching in the vaginal area

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Who Is The Cervical Wound More Common?

Wound in the cervix, which can be seen at any age, can also occur due to genetic factors. A wound is expected in women with a wound on their mother. Especially in young girls who have never had intercourse, the presence of wounds suggests genetic factors. It can be mentioned that it is more common in women who have frequent vaginal infections or have more than one delivery. This problem may occur more commonly in women with cervical irritation for various reasons and women who have frequent sexual intercourse.

The use of birth control pills, on the other hand, can cause the cells that make secretion in the cervical canal to proliferate and increase the risk of wound formation in the cervix, even indirectly. We can state that this disorder is more common in women who use contraceptive pills or have spirals.


How To Treat Wounds In The Cervical Mouth? How Long Does It Take To Heal?

Burning the problematic area with electrocautery or freezing with cryotherapy are minor surgical methods used in the treatment of wounds in the cervix. Let us state that the healing time can vary depending on which treatment is applied and the size of the wound in the cervix. 

The most common treatment protocol is obtaining heat with a pen-like device and burning this area with heat. This treatment is the oldest treatment method and there may be very mild pain during the procedure. However, the patient can return to his life immediately after the procedure.

After the wound treatment in the cervix, which is applied by burning the wound with a cautery device, the complaint of discharge can continue for up to 15 days and this is medically quite normal. Slight burning may continue for a while. It takes 10 to 15 days for the tissues to fully heal, and sexual intercourse should not be made during this period. Because sexual intercourse can cause the wound to recur.

With cryotherapy, recovery occurs faster in the freezing process. The procedure takes about 5 minutes and the patient can return to his daily life immediately. After the cervical wound treatment applied with this method, only a mild groin pain can be experienced. It should be underlined that the probability of recurrence after this job is also lower.


Does The Cervical Wound Go On Itself?

Does The Cervical Wound Go On Itself

If it is a simple irritant substance that causes wound formation in the cervix, the problem may disappear if this substance is not used. In a sense, we can say that this ailment does not always require treatment. However, the smear test must be done beforehand and the test result must be evaluated by the gynecologist and obstetrician.

If the patient has an infection and the development of cervicitis is observed due to the infection, it will be beneficial to apply the treatment procedure. In addition, in case of wound in the cervix, the factor that causes the wound may need to be eliminated and it may be waited for a while. If there are no signs of improvement during this period, the appropriate treatment option may be preferred.

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What Happens If Uterine Wound Is Not Treated?

In case of a wound in the cervix, you should definitely consult with the gynecologist and obstetrician and be examined. If the wound condition is of a size that requires treatment and is not treated, it can become chronic in a short time. At the same time, the wound can deepen and spread over a wider area. In this case, the patient's complaints will also increase and the quality of daily life will be negatively affected by these complaints.

You should also know that the treatment may take longer and may be more difficult in the future. We can say that untreated cervical wounds cause infertility, premature birth, miscarriage and even cervical cancer. If it is not treated, changes occur in the flora of the vagina due to frequent discharge and vaginal inflammation occurs.


Does Cervical Wound Cause Cancer?

First of all, we need to mention that cervical wound and cervical cancer are very different conditions. Wound in the cervix does not necessarily mean that the patient will have cervical cancer. But not treating the wound can significantly increase the risk of cancer. It is also important whether cervicitis is ulcerated or not. In the case of an ulcerating wound, it is necessary to scan for the presence of the HPV virus immediately.

Because this virus progresses and spreads very quickly in the area with wound formation. It should not be forgotten that HPV virus alone is the cause of cervical cancer. As a result, although cervicitis is not a single cause of cancer, it is a condition that is indirectly related to cervical cancer.

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