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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Being Pregnant After Abortion

Getting pregnant after abortion is one of the issues that women who have had an abortion wonder about. The abortion procedure performed in order to terminate unwanted pregnancies and to evacuate the baby from the womb is a surgical operation. One of the most curious elements on the subject is whether abortion prevents pregnancy again. Of course, having an abortion does not mean that you will never get pregnant again. Abortion is not a condition that prevents getting pregnant. You can get pregnant again whenever you want.

Today, abortion is performed using vacuum aspiration technique. We can state that this method is a much easier technique for both the physician and the patient, and the recovery period is much shorter than other methods. If it is done correctly, it does not cause any change in the possibility of getting pregnant after the abortion procedure. You just need to wait for the uterus to gain a suitable form for re-pregnancy after this operation.

With the vacuum suction method, the abortion procedure is completed in approximately 5 to 10 minutes and there is no need for clinical rest. We perform the discharge procedures of the patients on the same day. However, we also recommend resting for a few days at home. Whether there is bleeding and pain after this procedure is as curious as the issue of getting pregnant after the abortion procedure.

It is quite normal to bleed for a while. Bleeding starts to decrease spontaneously when recovery is completed and stops after a while. The bleeding time is the same in every patient, but we can usually say that this time is between 15 days and 20 days.

The pain may be mild. Severe pain is not medically acceptable and brings to mind the possibility of remaining parts inside. For this reason, you should definitely inform your doctor in case of severe pain after abortion. At the same time, if the bleeding is severe and does not stop after a long time, you should contact your doctor immediately. The severity of bleeding and pain is as important as the subject of getting pregnant after the abortion procedure.

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How many days after an abortion get pregnant?

We can sometimes observe that there are some misconceptions among the public about getting pregnant after an abortion. For example, it is never true that pregnancy after abortion will surely result in miscarriage. Abortion does not cause a positive or negative change in your likelihood of miscarriage. There is no original information such as whether or not to become pregnant after an abortion, or even if the baby is pregnant, and it is useful to know that such a situation is not right.

Meanwhile, it is enough to wait for the recovery of the uterus to be fully realized in order to become pregnant after the abortion procedure. You don't have to wait for months. If you plan to become pregnant in the earliest possible time, the egg in the uterus must first reach its ideal size.

We can state that this period is approximately 2 weeks, provided that it is different for each patient. In other words, the possibility of pregnancy occurs 2 weeks after the abortion. If there is an unprotected intercourse, fertilization may occur and it is possible for the woman to become pregnant again. But it should be remembered that there is a prohibition of protection or unprotected intercourse for a certain period after an abortion.

In addition, it is very important to expect you to feel ready for pregnancy in terms of physiological and accompanying psychological aspects in order to get pregnant after abortion. Abortion can be psychologically challenging for women. For this reason, we recommend feeling ready for re-pregnancy and planning pregnancy afterwards. You can spend your pregnancy much more easily if you wait until the feeling of regret and guilt, which are common after abortion, disappears.

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Is It Easier to Get Pregnant After an Abortion?

There is also an opinion that getting pregnant after abortion is easier in the community. The reason for this idea to appear is that women who could not become pregnant for a long time could become pregnant in a short time after an abortion. However, we cannot say that abortion in medical terms makes pregnancy easier. Because there is no scientific research in this area, and there is no evidence that abortion facilitates getting pregnant.

For this reason, the statement that conceiving becomes easier after abortion may be misleading. Only the improvement in the tissues after curettage brings about tissue regeneration. If women are unable to become pregnant due to intrauterine tissues, regeneration after abortion can eliminate this problem, but it should be noted that this is an extremely low probability. However, we cannot say that it becomes difficult to get pregnant after abortion.

Abortion does not have an impact on the possibility of conception. It neither makes it easier nor more difficult for you to conceive. This procedure is applied only to evacuate the baby from the mother's womb. It does not involve any interference in the body's hormone balance, fallopian tubes, or egg reserve.

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How Long To Wait To Get Pregnant?

It is possible to become pregnant after the medical abortion 2 weeks after the operation. However, you should keep in mind that abortion is a surgical operation and it takes a certain amount of time for the uterus to recover. Therefore, gynecologists and obstetricians do not recommend getting pregnant immediately after an abortion. Unfortunately, pregnancy can result in miscarriage if not waiting for the ideal period.

At the same time, getting pregnant after an abortion is inconvenient because of the ban on sexual intercourse. Bleeding continues for a while after abortion, and sexual intercourse is prohibited as long as the bleeding continues. Failure to comply with this ban may result in infection, which is never one of the undesirable situations. Having unprotected sexual intercourse while the prohibition of sexual intercourse continues can cause various health problems.

With all this in mind, we can recommend that you wait at least 2 to 2.5 months before getting pregnant after an abortion. During this time, it will recover in the uterus and bleeding will stop. The uterus will be ready again for pregnancy and at the same time, the negative effects of abortion will be eliminated from the psychological perspective.

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Getting Pregnant without Menstruation After Abortion

One of the most confused issues is the condition of getting pregnant after abortion without menstruation. We have to state that this is quite possible. As we mentioned before, about 2 weeks after the abortion, the egg starts to reach the ideal size. If unprotected sex is experienced during this period, fertilization may occur and pregnancy may occur as a result.

It should be noted that there are many women who experience this situation. For this reason, you should consider the possibility of getting pregnant after an abortion and, if there is no menstrual bleeding for the expected period, you should definitely get a pregnancy test. It should be noted that this period is approximately 45. Women who do not have menstrual bleeding for 45 days after abortion are recommended to have a pregnancy test without wasting time.

You should remember that you may miss the legal abortion period because of getting pregnant after an abortion and not having a pregnancy test. The most correct one is to choose protection methods. Although abortion is a repeatable procedure, having an abortion frequently and recently may also cause various drawbacks. For this reason, it would be better for you to benefit from effective protection methods such as contraceptive pill, condom or spiral.

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Friday, December 29, 2017

What is the Best Week for Abortion?

What is the Best Week for Abortion?

The most appropriate week for abortion is the short term between 6 and 10 weeks of gestation, generally accepted. Because, in the short term mentioned above, in the mother's womb, the present embryo becomes large enough to be taken off. In pregnancy, if there is an abortion before 6th week, there may be some medical problems. For this reason, it is very important for the physician to evaluate with regular examination.
When your pregnancy is smaller than 6 weeks, it means that the embryo, which is in the mother's womb, has not reached the size yet to be fully taken, that is, it has not grown. As a method of abortion operation, either vacuum method or sharp curettage method is preferred, unfortunately there is a possibility that the part remains behind the woman's uterine wall or that the pregnancy cut-off can not be completely cleared. Such cases can then create vital, too risky situations for women, leading to severe problems such as very severe pain in women, bleeding in excess, blood collection in the uterus, risk of infection, or perforation of the uterine wall. Because of these reasons, the present pregnancy is at least 6 weeks long and it is very important to terminate the abortion operation in a healthy way.
There are also some important situations in the way of possible complications during the abortion operation. First of all, it is important that the mother candidate whether has never given birth before. It is also important how many times the mother has given birth and how many times she has an abortion. This information should be clearly stated to the doctor. Because the number of births enhances the possibility the rate of complications that will emerge increases accordingly.
Moreover, as the mother of the abortion candidate grows older, the likelihood of complications also increases. Compelling situations in the body, hormonal troubles can make the woman's condition even more difficult. As the gestational week progresses further, the potential risks increase. For this reason, it should be acted immediately for the abortion procedure before it is too late. With each passing day, the risk of possible complications is also increasing. The health of the patient is important, and the information to give to the doctor is also important.
The fact that your pregnancy is not bigger than 10 weeks is also a necessary point for the legal procedure. The exact legal time for an abortion operation in our country is the end of the 10th week of pregnancy.

It is forbidden in our country to terminate a pregnancy with an abortion operation after the 10th week of pregnancy, and the criminal procedure is carried out seriously to the institution that performs the abortion process, to the patient and the doctor perform the operation in this sensitive subject.
In addition to this criminal procedure, of course, this process carries great life risk, primarily for the health of the mother. However, if a delegation report confirms that the present pregnancy is a life-threatening risk for the mother, or if the baby is growing up in the womb, then the abortion can be done after the 10th week. However, the delegation report and family approval is absolutely essential.
The person who will decide again in the best week for abortion is of course your doctor. Your doctor will make a pre-requisite for examination and examination meetings and you must submit your request for a preliminary abortion procedure yourself and this should be taken with your doctor. The condition and placement of the embryo in the vaginal examination to be done with ultrasonografic will be determined clearly and the gestation week will be precise with precise measurements.
The best time for an abortion operation will be determined by your doctor in this way. The purpose of your doctor is to convey the importance of taking precautions. All of this information is of great importance to you in your own health and certainly should be followed in all the letters. You will plan to live later, please take care of yourself for pregnancy. Do not forget that abortion is a surgical intervention, even if it is small-scale.

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