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Friday, December 13, 2019

Health Problems Due to Wrong Nose Aesthetic Surgery

Problems That May Occur After Wrong Rhinoplasty Operation

Health Problems Due to Wrong Nose Aesthetic Surgery

Beauty has an important place for many women and even some men. When they look in the mirror, there are many people who want to change places they don't like. Most people think they have noses where they see defects. That's why they get a nose job. However, many people are not satisfied with the newly made nose again, knocking on the doctor's door. Some even go to the plastic surgeon complaining that he cannot breathe with his new nose.

How should the nose be operated?

Some of the size, some of the curvature of the mind while attaching to others, while taking care of someone else can turn to the nose aesthetics. Especially women showed great interest in rhinoplasty, as well as in the world, Turkey is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery. However, there are some important points to be considered in order not to be disappointed after the operation. Otherwise, there will be many serious problems, from the mismatch of the nose to the face, and the inability to breathe! There should not be an exaggerated, operative appearance that anyone can notice from a distance in a successful nose aesthetic; nose should be made in a naturalness that cannot be easily understood even with the professional eye. The nose must be in itself and proportionate and compatible with the face. Of course, while correcting the shape should not make it difficult to breathe through the nose, breathing problems should be corrected.

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Aesthetically operated nose is become too lifted?

Many people with nasal aesthetics can look for their old nose. The second operation in nose aesthetics is mostly due to complaints about appearance and function. In patients with deformities, the most frequent problems are collapses due to excessive bone and cartilage removal or swelling and asymmetries of excess tissues. Complications such as having the nose tip too high or low, collapse of the nostrils and bone and cartilage supports that keep the airway open, the curvature of the wall separating the nasal cavity called septum in two, and adhesions in the skin and mucous membranes may cause breathing problems. In the meantime, the surgeon does not operate by himself in the secondary surgery, which can not be noticed by the examination should be prepared for surprises. It is very important for the person to find an experienced surgeon who can solve these surprises and correct the complications.

What awaits a person after a nose job?

Since the wound healing process is completed in one year for people who have nasal esthetics, it is ideal for a secondary operation and to wait one year after the first operation. First, the most important source of cartilage is the septum cartilage. Ear and / or rib cartilage may be used according to need, if taken, used or insufficient in previous nose aesthetic surgeries. Sometimes it is necessary to benefit from fat and connective tissues. These materials simulate the missing tissue or camouflage the deficiency to achieve normal appearance and function. These procedures require serious experience, craftsmanship and art.

Health Problems Due to Wrong Nose Aesthetic Surgery

In the last period, everything from fashion to beauty feeds to aesthetics turns to natural. Aesthetic concepts change with the return to naturalness. For example, the nose, which we liked in the past, is now far from being natural and the noses that appear to be corrected with small touches are preferred. Nose aesthetics (rhinoplasty) process by changing the structure of cartilage and bones to reshape the nose. In order to create a more aesthetic nose shape, it is sometimes necessary to cut the bones and cartilages, and on the contrary, to complete their missing parts and to change their shape.

Health Problems Due to Wrong Nose Aesthetic Surgery

Rhinoplasty or aesthetic nose surgery is the most difficult and aesthetic surgery to accept the surgery is the most unknown.

Why nose aesthetic operation is a difficult surgery?

Health Problems Due to Wrong Nose Aesthetic Surgery
Aesthetic nose surgery is difficult because the nose is like a closed box, and you only have to perform this surgery on one side of this box. In this surgery, the unknowns are numerous because the bone and cartilage that make up the structure of the nose are found independently of each other but as a whole and may behave differently during the recovery period. This is why the most common revision, that is, a second correction surgery, is aesthetic surgery. It is normal for a world-class surgeon to have to revise one out of every 10 cases.

On the other hand, when this operation is performed well, it gives very good results.

If you still don't like what you see in the nose

Before the revision nose aesthetic surgery, a recovery period of six months should be passed after the first surgery. In the meantime, you have the opportunity to evaluate the results in detail, and you can determine any additional needs you may need with your doctor. Another reason for waiting is to allow the scar tissue to mature. In this way, your doctor will have the opportunity to operate a healthy tissue. If you do not like the result even after a few years after your surgery, you can have revision nose aesthetics.

Inverted-V deformity

Especially in photos taken with flash, the formation of an inverted V-shaped shadow on the back of the nose is called Reverse V Deformity. It is often seen in surgical noses. This issue arises for 2 reasons. The end of the bone in our nose and cartilage where the cartilage tissue is missing can cause this. This problem may be due to excessive cartilage intake or lack of support. The second reason is the inability to close the bone roof after opening the nose belt. To prevent inverse V deformity, it is necessary to ensure that the nasal bones are shaped to close the roof. In addition, long cartilage supports are placed in the form of beams on both sides of the septum cartilage. Thus, a natural-wide nose ridge is formed, and the bone-cartilage transition line is softened and shadow formation is prevented. These support cartilages also increase the angle called the internal nasal valve and contribute to the patency of the airway.

Saddle nose deformity

Saddle nose deformity

Looking from the side of the back of the nose is collapsed that is called as "Saddle Nose Deformity". This is due to two applications. Firstly, trying to make an extremely curved nose can cause this nose. Already now very curved nose is required by very few people. In recent years, we are making more natural, balanced heights and flatter noses. The second reason is the application of very aggressive surgery to the septum during the treatment of the curvatures of the septum (the central supporting structure of the nose, consisting of bone and cartilage in the middle of the nose), or the removal of the entire part of the septum, resulting in the appearance of the nose of the nose. We know that the septum is the basic support of the nose. Minimalist approaches are now being used during surgical procedures applied to the septum. Only the curved part of the septum is corrected without disturbing the support function. But it is necessary to correct the curvature of the septum. Because a septum that is not in the middle both prevents breathing and makes the nose look curved from the outside.

Nasal septum perforation

During rhinoplasty operations, full-thickness perforation of the nasal septum may occur. Symptoms such as dryness, crusting, and whistling during breathing may occur in amounts varying depending on the location and size of the nasal septum perforation.

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