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Monday, February 12, 2018

How is genital aesthetics done in İstanbul

How is genital aesthetics done?

Along with the increase in socio cultural level during the last years, aesthetic surgeries are being performed increasingly in our country. The changes that occur in the genital area in women, especially after giving birth, may cause annoyance. As  an addition, the genital structure may not be as desired in the cases of innate origin. In such cases of dissatisfaction, women apply to gynecologists for genital aesthetic operations.

How is genital aesthetics done in istanbul

Genital aesthetics are performed both in the narrowing of the vagina and in the correction of the outer region (lips). As addition to this discrepencies, different corrective methods have been presented available to women with a problem of recruitment due to normal birth. Expansion in the vagina after the normal postpartum period has been problematic for most women.

A problem nearly about 1 hour of operation can be fixed. In addition to esthetics, filling materials can sometimes be added. One genital operation fee varies between 4.500 TL to 10.000 TL.

For detailed information please contact Bakırköy Abortion Center.

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