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Monday, February 12, 2018

Vaser Lipo for man in İstanbul (sixpack surgery in istanbul)

Vaser Lipo for man in İstanbul (sixpack surgery in istanbul)
Vaserlipo for man in İstanbul (sixpack surgery by serkan balta)

It is important to reach the ideal body shape not only for ladies, but also for men. From this point of view, the first step of body shaping for men is to reach enough muscular mass and especially to get rid of excess fatty tissue collected in the lumbar region. Unlike the female body type, in men, the transitions in the muscular shadows are sharper and the body lines should be wider at the upper part and narrower at the lower part. For this purpose, the vaser liposuction method which can reveal even very thin muscle details and provide maximum fat intake is the first choice. The most difficult area for men to form an ideal body shape is the waist circumference. For this reason, first of all these types of surgeries are the waist sides and the excess fat under the belly. If you have a sporty body structure but depending on the thickness of the fatty tissue on top of it, these muscles are not visible from the outside liposuction surgery is the ideal method for you.

Vaserliposuction for man by serkan balta (sixpack surgery in istanbul)

Nevertheless, liposuction is not aimed at attenuating purpose, the muscle to move more than some places to clarify the transition between the muscle, some parts of the fat is removed by removing the details. In this type of surgery, surgery starts with patient is in a prone position, excess fat is removed from the waist and back, after which the details of the back muscles are clarified and a triangular image of the back is obtained. In the case of need, the fats taken can be used to make the shoulders more prominent and appear slightly protruding. One of the two groin areas, the small holes that open, and the excess fat on the front and side of the abdomen are removed. In order to clarify the abdominal muscles, more fat is extracted from some areas comparing  the other body areas and attempts are made to acquire a sixpack image.

erkek vücut estetiği
Liposuction revision with Vaser by Serkan Balta (Sixpack surgery)

The muscular shadows of the upper abdominal region and the chest region are formed by entering through the small holes that are opened from both the nipple and the umbilicus. Excess fat tissue is removed from the underarms and sides. If the patient also has gynecomastia (male breasts), it can be solved in the same holes. Fat tissues taken as if they are on the same back are injected into and over the chest muscles for the purpose of making the chest muscles more visible, giving the image of a more advanced muscle mass. After surgery, small drains are placed in the abdomen and back region to draw the internal currents, and these drains remain in the patient for an average of 3 days. The patient is fitted with custom-designed body shaping corsets, and patients are asked to apply the lymphatic massages taught for the surgery site for 10 days. From the 2nd week after surgery to the 4th week from light weight, heavy exercises are allowed to pass. It is suggested that patients treated with surgery should pay attention to the long-term diet and continue the exercise. For this reason, hi-def (high-definition) body shaping should not be performed on people who are not in regular exercise.

vaser lipo
Sixpack surgery by serkan balta vaser liposuction hi-def liposuction

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