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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Tongue Tie Release Surgery With Thermal Welding Device Videos

Bloodless and Bladeless Lingual Frenectomy With Thermal Welding Device and Assessment of The Postoperative Appearance

Various surgical techniques are used to eliminate the tongue tie and its restrictive effects. In order to reduce the possibility of heat damage and burn wounds (which can cause damage to the lingual nerve branches), I generally prefer to make a scissor-clamp-assisted incision and a thermal welding incision.

In the video above, frenectomy (triangular tongue tie tissue removal) operation was performed under sedation anesthesia. After the procedure, the incision area was sutured vertically with self-melting suture materials. After the Tongue tie relase operation, the relief of tongue movements is remarkable.

You can find other videos on the subject below:

Video 1:

Video 2:

You can see on the above, tongue tie release surgery and postoperative view. Thermal weling device is generrally used for bloodless and painless tonsillectomy device because of it minimaliysed to heat damage on mucosa.

You can find details about "tongue tie relase surgery - bloodless lingual frenectomy" and before and after photos at >>

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