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Friday, August 7, 2020

Vaginoplasty (Vaginal Tightening Surgery) in Istanbul, Turkey

Vaginoplasty is one of the most preferred genital aesthetic surgeries. The healing process does not force women after this surgery, which is carried out in order to give a narrower and tighter form to the vagina, which is enlarged due to various reasons, which is abundant.

In addition, clinical rest is not required and patients can be discharged on the day of surgery. After a short rest period, daily life can be resumed and women get the wish for the vagina to appear narrow. In the meantime, we will talk about the numbers that will give you an idea about vaginoplasty prices.

Vaginoplasty in Istanbul

How is Vaginal Tightening Surgery Performed?

With the help of advancing medical technology, genital aesthetic surgeries are now completed in a shorter time. It should be noted that the operation is performed under general anesthesia. Thus, it is not possible for the patient to feel pain or pain. Of course, vaginoplasty prices are not determined by the duration of the surgery.

In the operation, the tissues that form the pelvic floor are intervened on the lower wall of the vagina on both sides. A tighter vagina can be obtained with vaginoplasty surgery performed with the aim of bringing the levator muscles closer to each other. However, it is also necessary to know which part of the vagina is intervened with this operation. The surgery is performed only on the part between 3 cm and 4 cm in length from the entrance to the vagina.

The applied vaginoplasty surgery is for the procedure of removing excess tissue by incision. Excess tissue ratio may differ in each patient. More tissue needs to be removed in a patient with too much vaginal enlargement. Then, stitches are applied and the vagina is given a tight form. With the examination performed before the surgery, the doctor decides how much tissue will be removed and the surgery planning is carried out.

It is not necessary to have sexual intercourse for 4 weeks to 6 weeks after the operation. At the same time, bleeding that can last for approximately 10 days but is only spotting may occur, which is perfectly normal. If the bleeding is greater, lasts longer, or if the bleeding is accompanied by severe pain, foul-smelling vaginal discharge, you should consult your doctor without waiting for a routine check-up.

Patients may also wonder when exactly the recovery occurs after vaginoplasty. However, it should be noted that this period is not the same in every patient. Usually, after 4 weeks to 6 weeks, 100% recovery is achieved and all bans are lifted. During the recovery process, patients should also stay away from sauna, Turkish bath, sea and pool.

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Who Can Have Vaginoplasty?

Since any kind of surgical operation can cause various drawbacks during pregnancy, the birth and breastfeeding periods must be completed in order to perform vaginal tightening surgery. Apart from this, any woman who does not have any health problems and complains about the abundance of vagina can benefit from this surgery.

It is not necessary to wait for a certain period for the operation in question. Since there is no need for a long break from work life, it is possible to perform vaginoplasty surgery at any time when the patient feels ready. In addition, having a previous vaginal or cesarean delivery does not prevent this surgery. Those who have had an abortion can easily benefit from the surgery.

Dr. Ismet Yildirim says ...

Vaginoplasty is one of the preferred operations, especially in women who have more than one birth, because of the loss of vaginal tightness. Apart from this, the wide vagina due to congenital reasons is the operation preferred by women, especially if it creates relationship problems.

It is an average of 30-40 minutes operation performed in the operating room under general anesthesia. There is usually a one-day hospital stay. Recovery period is 3-4 weeks on average. Labiaplasty procedure is performed in addition to the same operation when there are formal problems in the external genital area, especially regarding the lips.

How much are vaginoplasty prices 2020?

Vaginoplasty cost in istanbul

It is quite natural for women to want to have an idea about vaginoplasty prices 2020. But talking about a net price can be misleading. Because, depending on many different factors such as the experience of the physician, the anesthetic drugs used, the condition of the patient, vaginoplasty prices may also vary.

In general, you may encounter figures ranging from 3000 - 4000 US Dolars. However, genital aesthetic operations may correspond to lower or higher numbers. First you need to make an appointment and be examined. Afterwards, you can get clear information about how much budget you should allocate for vaginal tightening surgery.

What is the Effect of Surgery on Orgasm?

Vaginal tightening surgery for women does not only mean that the vagina looks narrow. At the same time, this operation positively affects orgasm. It is the clitoris located at the upper part of the vagina entrance that allows women to have orgasm during sexual intercourse. Of course, there is no intervention to the clitoris during this operation. However, the narrowing of the vagina with vaginoplasty also provides a mechanical effect.

When the vagina contracts, the contact of the penis with the clitoris increases. This situation can enable to reach the orgasm point in a shorter time. Therefore, we can say that the operation in question is the solution to the problem of inability to orgasm due to vaginal enlargement. The fact that this operation is referred to as “sexual pleasure surgery” or “orgasm surgery” among the people is also due to this effect.

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What are the Risks of Vaginoplasty Surgery?

When a general evaluation is made, we can say that the risks of vaginoplasty surgery are much less than many surgeries. Infection and bleeding are among the risks of all surgical procedures. Naturally, this operation also exists, although the risk of infection and bleeding is extremely low. Avoiding environments such as the sea, pool after the surgery and the prohibition of sexual intercourse for a certain period of time are caused by the risk of infection.

Because, after the operation, antibiotic medication is prescribed by the doctor and the risk of infection will decrease to a minimum if used regularly. Measures such as paying attention to personal hygiene and taking a standing shower for a while are also aimed at reducing the risk of infection.

Narrowing the vagina more than the ideal rate is another risk of vaginoplasty surgery. However, it should be noted that this risk is reduced to almost zero in surgeries performed by an experienced physician. If patients consider the warnings made by their doctor and apply them literally, the likelihood of complications will decrease as much.

Why is Vaginoplasty Performed?

Vaginal enlargement may occur due to various factors such as genetic factors, vaginal delivery, traumas. Vaginal enlargement seriously affects women's sexual life comfort negatively. First of all, a problem such as not being able to enjoy sexual intercourse may arise, and this can bring along sexual reluctance. Not only women but men also experience sexual pleasure due to vagina enlargement. Therefore, vaginoplasty surgery is an operation that positively affects the sexual pleasure of women.

At the same time, unwanted sounds can be heard during sexual intercourse due to the enlargement that occurs in the vagina. These voices that disrupt the concentration of couples can even cause self-esteem problems in women. For this reason, vagina constriction surgery is performed to give a tight form to the vagina.

Thus, it is possible for patients to get rid of all the problems they experience with a single operation. The problem of vaginal enlargement, which negatively affects the sexual life comfort, should not be perceived as a "fate" by women anymore. Because, thanks to medicine, this problem can be easily eliminated and women can regain the comfort of their previous sexual life.

Doctors Applying Narrowing of the Vagina in Istanbul

First of all, let's give information that the prices of vaginoplasty correspond to reasonable figures in Istanbul. You do not need to turn your route to different cities to meet more affordable prices. You can complete the healing process after the operation in the comfort of your own home. In addition, Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. You can choose doctors such as İsmet Yıldırım. In this way, surgery can be performed in a short time and you can get rid of all the problems you experience with the surgery performed in a single session.

How is Laser Vaginal Tightening Done?

Today, laser technology is frequently preferred in the medical world. As an alternative to the vaginoplasty surgery performed to give the vagina a tighter appearance, laser vaginal tightening can also be applied. This procedure is not a surgical operation and therefore the risks are less. At the same time, we can state that recovery occurs much faster.

Since it is not possible for the patient to feel pain in this procedure, there is no need for local or general anesthesia. Only a very slight burning or stinging sensation can occur during the procedure. However, since it is not of a size that will disturb patients, there is no need for anesthesia.

With the help of laser technology, the regeneration process is initiated in the inner tissue of the vagina. However, it should be noted that it may not be an ideal option for women with too much vaginal abundance. Depending on the amount of slack, surgical operation may be required to achieve the desired tight form. It should be noted that the laser vaginal tightening is completed in 20 minutes in total with the preparation phase. In terms of duration, it is a procedure that is completed in a shorter time than vaginoplasty surgery.

What Does Vagina Tightening Surgery Bring?

Generally, the reason why there is uncertainty about vaginal tightening surgery is the concern that there will be no change in the comfort of sexual life after the surgery. However, getting rid of the problem of vagina enlargement enables women to have a more comfortable sexual life.

At the same time, it is possible for them to feel much better about their partners, because the unpleasant sounds caused by vaginal enlargement are now disappearing with this operation. It can be ensured that both men and women get more pleasure from sexual intercourse. It should be underlined that today, the prices of vaginoplasty correspond to very reasonable numbers, so it is not a genital aesthetic intervention that strains the budget. Make an appointment with your doctor right away for a better quality sex life.

How Long Does Vaginoplasty Surgery Take?

The duration of vaginal tightening surgery may be different in each patient, but we can say that the procedure is generally completed between 30 and 40 minutes. However, if a different operation is required to be performed together, that is, if two different procedures are required in one session, then the operation time will be prolonged.

For example, vaginal tightening surgery and labiaplasty surgery can be performed in a single session. In this case, both the duration of the operation and the prices of vaginoplasty will be different. After the examination, your doctor will inform you about the preparation phase and the total duration of the surgery.

Is There Any Scars of Vaginoplasty Surgery?

One of the most important issues about genital aesthetic operations is whether there will be traces after surgery. In this operation, no intervention is made to the visible outer part of the vagina. An incision is applied to the entrance of the vagina and the suture is placed on the tissues where this incision is applied. Therefore, it is not possible to leave a visible scar after vaginoplasty. In addition, as self-dissolving sewing threads are used in the body, there is no need to take stitches after the operation.

Still another question is whether the partner will understand the surgery or not. Of course, it is not possible for your partner to understand that you have had vaginoplasty surgery before. The only purpose of this surgery is to give the vagina a tighter form and only the internal tissues are intervened. Therefore, it is impossible for the partner to realize that you have an operation during sexual intercourse. You can write your questions in the comments section.

Vaginoplasty and Labioplasty Operation Cost n Istanbul Turkey

The price of vaginoplasty operation in Istanbul varies between 3000 and 4000 US dollars depending on the hospitals. When the labiaplasty operation is performed, it changes between 3000-4000 US dollars according to the hospitals. There is a reduction when both surgeries are performed together. 1 day stay in the hospital is included in this price, all blood tests and doctor's fees.

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