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Friday, August 7, 2020

Taking a Shower After Abortion

Post-abortion shower is one of the factors to be considered after the operation. Today, the abortion procedure is completed only in minutes when the vacuum aspiration method is preferred and the patient can be discharged on the same day. This does not mean that the abortion procedure is not a surgical operation. Although it is completed in a short time and with a comfortable process, abortion is an important surgical operation and there are many factors to be considered after this procedure.

After the abortion, it is necessary to rest at home for a few days. At the same time, avoiding any kind of activity that can reduce the body's resistance, such as over-exercising, diet programs, or influenza infections, is as important as protecting from illness, shower after abortion. In order for the healing process to be completed quickly, it is necessary to consider the recommendations and warnings of the doctor and to apply it literally. In this way, a smooth recovery process can be experienced.

Is Bathing After Abortion?

First of all, shower after abortion is one of the critical issues. Bathing is not recommended on the day of abortion. After a few days, a shower can be taken, standing still. The recovery of the uterus after an abortion can take anywhere from 1 week to 4 weeks. During this time, the cervix is ​​open, which means that the body is extremely susceptible to infection. As long as the bleeding continues, the risk of infection remains.

After an abortion, an antibiotic drug is prescribed against the risk of infection by a gynecologist and obstetrician. The antibiotic drug must be used as specified. However, this does not mean that bacteria will not reach the uterus and infection will not develop while taking a shower after abortion. Because standing up while taking a shower a few days after an abortion, not using a bathtub is a precaution against the risk of bacterial contamination.

It may also be that women want to take a shower after an abortion because they feel psychologically dirty. Especially after the operation, bleeding increases the desire of women to take a shower. However, you still need to consider the suggestion not to take a bath for a short time. At the same time, it is important to pay maximum attention to hygiene conditions while taking a shower during the recovery of the uterus. During the bath, vaginal cleaning should be done hygienically and especially attention should be paid to clean hands.

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Is Bathing After Removing A Piece From The Womb?

Abortion is not just an operation to end unwanted pregnancies. Some gynecological diseases may need to be removed from the uterus to diagnose, and this procedure is called abortion or curettage in medicine. The rules of shower after abortion, which are performed not to end pregnancy, but to take parts from the uterus, do not vary. Even if you do not have a baby, it is important that you follow the prohibitions regarding the shower and not take a bath on the day of the operation.

Women who have a womb can take a warm shower 1 or 2 days after the abortion, but they should take care to take a standing shower. As long as the bleeding continues after the abortion, the risk of infection also exists for these people. For this reason, it is as important to lie in the tub until bleeding ceases, to enter the pool, into the sea, to be in the sauna or bath, as well as the shower after abortion and is on the list of prohibitions. Attention should also be paid to items such as changing underwear frequently during this period.

Also, rarely dizziness may occur during the shower after abortion. Ventilation of the bathroom before showering and not creating too much steam in the bathroom are precautions that can be taken against dizziness. It is useful to take care not to use poor quality body cleansing products while taking a shower and not to keep hot water in the vagina area for a long time.

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How to Care After an Abortion?

After this operation, you do not need to perform intensive and long-term maintenance. Just wait a few days for an abortion shower and follow the bans literally. Of course, in some cases, you should talk to your doctor without wasting any time.

For example, after the operation, a piece of the uterus, bleeding accompanied by severe pain, and the intensity of the pain are among the main situations that you should inform your doctor. Even if you have taken pain medication, you should also consult your doctor in case of severe pain in the groin, similar pain and pain in the abdomen.

Do not wait for the control day and talk to your doctor right away in cases such as foul-smelling discharge after abortion, body fever rising, and bleeding is constantly increasing. There may be mild nausea and vomiting. The reason for this is not an abortion, but an anesthetic drug given before an abortion. It is also possible that the nausea will continue for a very mild time. After abortion, the pregnancy hormone is not removed from the body immediately. This hormone can cause very mild nausea.

If there is no menstrual bleeding after 40 days after the abortion, then talk to your doctor. The reason for this may be the continuation of the pregnancy and your doctor can check whether the pregnancy is continuing with an ultrasound examination. Do not use tampons for bleeding after abortion. Using pads and changing pads frequently is important in terms of infection risk

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What Should Be Considered When Taking a Shower After Abortion?

Firstly, taking a shower after abortion with hot water may cause increased bleeding. The water should be warm. It is recommended that you complete the first shower you will take after the operation as soon as possible and rest after the shower. Although it is necessary to take a shower while standing, it will be useful to have a stool with you considering the risk of dizziness. Rubbing the vagina area too much during the shower can cause irritation and increase the risk of infection.

Of course, shower after abortion is not the only issue to be careful about. You should not have sexual intercourse for a while. Prohibition of sexual intercourse is also a precaution against the risk of infection. As long as the bleeding continues after the operation, the prohibition of sexual intercourse continues. Sexual intercourse with condom use is also prohibited.

Because condom use does not eliminate the risk of infection. Your doctor will inform you about the level of healing in the uterus after the operation. In the meantime, you can learn from your doctor whether the prohibition of sexual intercourse continues or not.

At the same time, the ban on sexual intercourse after an abortion is related to the possibility of getting pregnant. Fertilization may occur after this operation and unprotected sexual intercourse may result in pregnancy. Of course, if there is an unwanted pregnancy, you will have an abortion for the second time and it is not a desired condition to have an abortion before the uterus is recovered.

Therefore, prohibition of sexual intercourse is one of the issues that should be carefully considered considering the risk of pregnancy. Menstrual bleeding is expected between 20 and 40 days after the abortion. However, let's also mention that there are many women who got pregnant again without any period.

Having had an abortion operation does not mean that you cannot conceive for a while. There is a wrong opinion among the public that abortion will prevent getting pregnant for a few months. This information is incorrect. Abortion does not protect against pregnancy, and having unprotected intercourse after abortion can cause pregnancy. As a result, it is best to act according to your doctor's suggestions on issues such as abortion after shower or sexual intercourse after abortion.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Where can I have an abortion in Istanbul - Turkey

Abortion Center in Turkey

There are many centers in Istanbul that do abortion.

Some physicians have an abortion in their private practice.

The abortion procedure performed in the office environment is usually performed with local anesthesia, that is, by injecting drugs into the cervix.

Local anesthesia may not completely relieve the pain, it prevents appropriate intervention in case of an emergency problem.

The abortion procedure performed with general anesthesia is safer, sleeping with an intravenous medication provides a maximum sleep of 5-10’min and an abortion procedure is performed.
Therefore, under general anesthesia, especially in hospital environment abortion is safer.
Nowadays, many abortions are usually performed in the hospital environment. In our practice, pregnant women can be examined by ultrosonografically in our private office then some drugs are applied vaginally to dilate and soften the cervix.

After 30-40 minutes, the abortion procedure is started under anesthesia in the hospital environment.

Where can I have an abortion in Istanbul

What is Vacuum Abortion?

Today, most of the abortion procedures are performed with vacuum.
The cervix is ​​softened and widened with medications, the appropriate millimetric tubes are inserted
into the uterus and the pregnancy material is drawn through the uterus with negative pressure.
The risk of fragmentation is very low. In some centers, abortion procedures are still in the form of scraping.
Scraping abortion increases the risk of remaining parts inside and consequently increases the risk of adhesion in the uterus.
Vacuum abortion is always more advantageous. The procedure is shorter and the risk of infection and intrauterın adhesions are less than scraping.

Bleeding After Abortion

Bleeding may occur at various degrees and times after abortion.
It is a common bleeding that lasts less than 1 week and 10 days after the procedure.
Apart from this, it is common to have 3-4 days of bleeding after menstrual pain after a 3-4-day bleeding-free period.
Both types of bleeding are normal. In rare cases, there may be no bleeding at all.
Bleeding of pregnancy abortions in excess of 10 weeks may persist for 3-4 weeks.

It may not be normal for the bleeding to be more painful and more painful after abortion.
Excessive bleeding and pain may occur if parts remain inside. One week after the abortion,
ultrasonography should be performed. Normal menstruation usually occurs within 3-6 weeks after abortion.
If you have not had normal menstruation after 6 weeks after the procedure, you should definitely talk to your doctor.
There is a risk of adhesion to the uterus, even if it is small after each abortion.

How to perform an abortion in İstanbul - Turkey

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