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Thursday, August 13, 2020

What is a Subcutaneous Implant (Birth Control Stick)?

Subcutaneous implant is a contraceptive method applied by placing an apparatus under the skin. These apparatuses, which have become widespread in recent years and provide protection against pregnancy risk at a high rate of 99%, are placed under the skin with a small surgical intervention. When the period of use expires, it is removed by applying an incision and it is possible to insert a new one immediately.

For those who do not want to take contraceptive pills regularly, those who do not like to wear spirals or those who are uncomfortable with the use of condoms, the birth control stick can turn into a much more comfortable option. However, it should be underlined that this method does not provide any protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

Subcutaneous implant types, which have an effect of reducing the possibility of pregnancy up to 1% by releasing a certain amount of hormones into the body, also do not have a negative effect on women's fertility. Women planning pregnancy can have the apparatus removed and thus regain fertility. Note that when the implant is placed under the skin, usually on the upper part of the left arm, the procedure is completed within approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.

What is a Subcutaneous Implant

What Does a Subcutaneous Implant Do?

Before using the birth control stick placed under the skin of the arm, it should be made sure that the woman is not pregnant. If pregnancy is not suspected, it is possible to place the implant within the first 5 days of the menstrual period. Women who have never given birth before can also benefit from this method of birth control. In women who have used birth control pills before, subcutaneous implant placement can be performed one week after stopping the use of birth control pills.

In its most general form, we can answer the question of what does a subcutaneous implant do? It regularly releases a certain amount of hormones into the body every day and prevents pregnancy in this way. When evaluated from various angles, the use of these apparatuses stands out in terms of the advantages they offer. We can list these advantages as follows:

  • Provides protection against pregnancy for a very long time, at least 3 years.
  • It is a safe method of contraception as it has a protection rate of 99%.
  • Fertility regains immediately after removing the implant.
  • Has no positive or negative effect on the probability of a woman becoming pregnant
  • The protective effect starts only 24 hours after the implant is inserted
  • It does not disturb daily life or sexual life comfort

By the way, subcutaneous implant is a birth control method that can be used during breastfeeding. However, it is not recommended to wear it immediately after birth because it has some drawbacks. To use this method, you must wait at least 6 weeks after birth. If you consult your doctor on this issue, he will inform you of the most appropriate time for implant placement.

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Subcutaneous Implant Prices 2020

The birth control bar prices produced and put into use by various companies have different prices as can be expected. For this reason, it may be misleading for you to mention a single number in terms of price. Depending on which brand of subcutaneous implant product is preferred, the budget for this birth control method may also vary.

However, we can convey to those who want to have an idea in general that the prices of these apparatuses are not very high. It is a very economical method of correct control and is suitable for use at all ages.

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How Does the Subcutaneous Bar Implant Affect?

How Does the Subcutaneous Bar Implant Affect

The birth control stick placed under the skin secretes hormones into the body and in this way enables the membrane in the inner part of the uterus to thin. In this way, when fertilization occurs, the fertilized egg cannot settle inside the uterus. At the same time, the subcutaneous implant has the ability to prevent ovulation, but it should be noted that this feature is lower compared to birth control pills. For this reason, it has the feature of preventing pregnancy by preventing the fertilized egg from settling in the uterus rather than preventing ovulation.

When women use subcutaneous implants, even if the sperm cells meet the female reproductive cells, it is possible to expel the fertilized egg from the body during the menstrual period. However, it should be noted that this method of birth control is not suitable for every woman. Let us clarify the question of who should not use subcutaneous implants with a short list:

  • Those who have had breast cancer before
  • Mothers who have not yet passed 6 weeks after birth
  • Those with any liver disease
  • Those who experience vaginal bleeding other than menstrual periods
  • Those who are suspected of pregnancy or are pregnant
  • Those who are inconvenient to use synthetic progesterone hormone
  • Those with tuberculosis, hypertension or epilepsy

These women may turn to different birth control methods and consult gynecologists and obstetricians on this issue. However who are It is also worth considering that the subcutaneous implant method is an ideal option for:

  • Those looking for a contraceptive that offers long-lasting protection
  • Those who are inconvenient to use birth control methods containing estrogen hormone due to various reasons
  • Those who do not want to use birth control pills / those who are objectionable to use
  • Those who do not want to know that they are using a birth control method

Is Subcutaneous Stick Implant Harmful?

Of course, subcutaneous implant is not only curious for its advantages, but also for its damages or side effects. First of all, let's say that implants do not cause a serious weight gain as expected. Studies show that women who choose this method only gain 1 to 2 pounds. At the same time, this method may be inconvenient for women with menstrual irregularities. Because although it is rare, it is known that implants can cause menstrual irregularities. Often times, menstrual irregularities only last 3 to 4 months. Afterwards, menstrual order can be restored.

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The common birth control stick side effects can be explained as follows:

  1. Mild headache
  2. More heavy bleeding during the menstrual period
  3. Prolongation of the menstrual period
  4. Breast tenderness
  5. Nausea, but very mild

Apart from these, there are not many side effects related to the use of subcutaneous implants. It is worth underlining that it is an attractive option because it does not cause any harm to the body. The privacy feature, that is, its use is not possible to be understood by someone else, separates this method from many different birth control methods.

How Much Protection Does a Subcutaneous Implant Provide?

One of the issues that women often wonder about the birth control stick is the protection period of these apparatuses. These products, which provide protection for at least 3 years, can turn into an attractive birth control method for many women in terms of protection period.

It should also be noted that the protection period can extend up to 5 years depending on the preferred subcutaneous implant type. When the protection period expires, a very small incision is made on the skin and the expired apparatus is removed. Then, it is possible to apply a new subcutaneous implant without waiting. This birth control method can be continued to be used without the need to rest the body, and it does not harm the body in long-term use.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

What is Labiaplasty? How is it done?

 Labiaplasty surgery is a surgical operation performed to repair the labia minor region known as the inner lip of the genital organ or to remove the sagging in this area. Structural asymmetry in the inner lip area of ​​the vagina, appearing larger or sagging than the ideal ratio can cause various problems in women.

This situation, which can cause various problems such as lack of self-confidence, inability to wear tight clothes or irritation, can be easily eliminated by labiaplasty surgery. Surgical operation is preferred much more as it provides a permanent result.

What is Labiaplasty

How is Labiaplasty Surgery Performed?

Labiaplasty surgery, which is mostly performed under local anesthesia, can be performed together with general anesthesia in rare cases. The duration of the operation is not the same in every patient, but we can say that the operation is usually completed within 30 to 60 minutes. The excess tissue, which displays a sagging appearance during the operation, is removed by applying an incision to the skin. Then, sewing threads that dissolve spontaneously in the body are used and the surgery is completed. Therefore, there is no need to take stitches.

The surgery should not be done during the menstrual period. The reason for this is to provide hygiene conditions after labiaplasty surgery. If the patient feels well, long-term home rest is not required. After a few days, one can return to business life. We can also state that the risk of bleeding is not too high in this surgery.

Stitches usually dissolve in the body after 10 days, and during this time, maximum attention should be paid to hygiene. You can take a shower the day after the operation, but you should not lie in the bathtub for 10 days. Not being in places such as sauna, bath, pool for 15 days is important due to the risk of infection.

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Labiaplasty Prices 2020

Since it is extremely normal for the prices to differ in surgical operations, you may encounter many different figures as labiaplasty prices. Of course, there are various factors that affect prices. For example, labiaplasty prices may vary depending on how much sagging is present in the existing tissue or what kind of intervention will be performed. The experience of the doctor who will perform the operation is also another factor that affects the prices.

Before the price search, it is useful to make an appointment. In this way, clear information can be sent to you as 2020 labiaplasty prices. However, in general, we can say that it is not necessary to allocate a high budget for this operation. Labiaplasty prices in our country are very reasonable. The important thing is that the operation is performed by an experienced doctor.

Labiaplasty Prices

Why is Labiaplasty Applied?

Sagging or enlargement of the small lips in the genital area does not only affect women psychologically. Due to the constantly recurring vaginal or urinary infection problem, women's daily life, social life or work life can be negatively affected and therefore labiaplasty surgery may be required. At the same time, this problem can cause a serious decrease in sexual comfort. We can say that there are various complaints such as restriction of movements and also pain during sexual intercourse.

However, inner lip sagging or size can take away the freedom of women to wear tight clothing such as bikini and swimwear. Most of the women who have this problem may experience various difficulties even at the point of wearing tights or tight-cut trousers. Due to the physical appearance, it may not be possible for women to be interested in some sports or performing arts. Labiaplasty surgery is applied to eliminate all these problems and thus women can continue their lives much more freely in every aspect.

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Who Can Have Labiaplasty?

Any woman who has an asymmetrical appearance on the inner lips, sagging of these tissues or has a larger inner lip appearance than ideal can have labiaplasty surgery. However, for this, there should not be a health problem that may prevent the surgery. At the same time, since surgery is inconvenient during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it will be beneficial for women to take the surgery on their agenda after surviving these periods.

One of the most curious factors is what happens after labiaplasty surgery. This surgery will never change your chances of getting pregnant. It does not prevent you from giving birth normally in the future. With the operation, only the inner lip area is intervened. Since there is no intervention in the uterus or ovaries, which are important in pregnancy, you can benefit from the surgery with peace of mind. It should be noted that women who have never given birth can also benefit from this operation.

Finally, let's convey the information that labiaplasty surgery does not cause any damage to the hymen. Women who have not had sexual intercourse before can easily get rid of the appearance of sagging or large inner lips. The hymen is located within a few centimeters of the vaginal entrance. However, this operation does not interfere even 1 cm inside the vagina. Only the excess tissue is removed with an incision and the inner lips are given a smoother and more ideally sized appearance. The hymen is never affected by this operation.

Who Can Have Labiaplasty

How and Where is Labiaplasty Performed?

Of course, labiaplasty surgery is a surgical operation and must be performed by specialist physicians. For this operation, you need to meet with gynecologists and obstetricians. After determining whether you are a suitable candidate for surgery, all kinds of information such as where and how the operation will be performed, what you should pay attention to after the operation will be conveyed to you by your doctor.

Does Labiaplasty Affect Sexual Pleasure?

One of the most curious issues is whether there will be a loss of pleasure in sexual intercourse after labiaplasty surgery. The operation does not affect sexual pleasure because there is no intervention to the clitoris during this surgery. On the contrary, if there is excess tissue on the clitoris, the labioplasty and clitoral hudoplasty operation can be performed together. In this case, as the excess tissue on the clirotis is removed with an incision, it is possible for the person to get more pleasure in sexual intercourse. However, it should be emphasized that there is absolutely no loss of pleasure after labiaplasty surgery.

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Sagging of Small Lips

When the sagging appearance on the small lips due to various reasons is removed by labiaplasty surgery, the self-confidence problem of women, especially in relation to sexuality, can also be eliminated. Sagging can only be caused by frequent weight gain and loss.

The enlargement of the fats in these tissues when gaining weight brings along the enlargement of the surface. The elasticity of the skin decreases and when weight is lost, the skin is not flexible, resulting in a sagging and wrinkled appearance. Sagging can occur for different reasons, but it is also possible to completely eliminate these problems with a surgical operation that does not even require clinical rest.

Causes Inner Lip Sagging?

The sagging appearance of the inner lips may be caused by genetic factors and this may bring along labiaplasty surgery. Because, we can say that sagging is mostly seen in the inner lips. Other reasons for sagging in the labia minor can be listed as follows:

  • Having a normal birth
  • Being weak
  • Lose weight
  • Regular sexual intercourse
  • Have an accident
  • Birth tears

The reason for its occurrence does not cause any change in the labiaplasty surgery procedure. It should be noted that the operation can be performed in the case of sagging caused by genetic factors or in tissue sagging caused by a large number of normal births.

Vaginoplasty and Labioplasty Operation Cost n Istanbul Turkey

The price of vaginoplasty operation in Istanbul varies between 3000 and 4000 US dollars depending on the hospitals. When the labiaplasty operation is performed, it changes between 3000-4000 US dollars according to the hospitals. There is a reduction when both surgeries are performed together. 1 day stay in the hospital is included in this price, all blood tests and doctor's fees

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